Here’s Why You Should Be Single In February

Plenty of people dread the month of February, and it’s not hard to understand why. It’s still pretty cold and dark, and even worse, Valentine’s Day is smack dab in the middle of it. However, just because you’re single during the holiday of love doesn’t mean you have to be miserable. Here are some good reasons February is the perfect month to forget about dating. Warning: you might never want to go back! 

  1. You sidestep the pressure. You don’t need to feel like you have to find someone to date because it’s the most romantic month of the year. That can cause you to feel stressed out, and for what? It’s just Valentine’s Day, for goodness’ sake.
  2. You gain some perspective. When you step back from the dating game, you give yourself a chance to really see what’s going on in your love life and what you really want. Valentine’s Day is all about romance, like red roses and candlelit dinners, but is that what love is really about? No. Now’s the perfect time to see if you really need romance in your life, or not. Chances are likely that you’ll realize there’s a lot of love-related things in society that you can do without. 
  3. You don’t get love-bombed. Those guys who want to shower you with affection and love, only to manipulate you later, might creep out of the woodwork around Valentine’s Day when they’re also feeling the pressure to date. Screw that. You don’t need to get your hopes up over someone who’s just going to make you miserable. 
  4. You challenge your feelings. You might dread being single around Valentine’s Day, so the best way to deal with those feelings is to consciously remain single! Sit with your emotions and see what insights they bring you. You’ll see that you don’t really have anything to fear. In fact, being single around Valentine’s Day can be awesome.
  5. You save some money. Spare a thought for those poor women who have to buy their partners Valentine’s Day gifts. At least you don’t have to do that. You can keep your money for something more important, like spoiling yourself.
  6. You miss those awkward v-day first dates. Have you ever been on a first date on Valentine’s Day? Gosh, it’s awful. You sit there feeling even more nervous than you’d usually feel on a first date because of the pressure of the day, and there are all these expectations that are placed on the date, such as that it has to be amazing and romantic. Ugh. Give it a skip.
  7. You can focus on yourself. When last did you spend time with yourself? Take yourself out on Valentine’s Day and show yourself some love. Self-care isn’t just about treating yourself to the spa, although that’s a cool idea for the day in question, but it’s also about doing things that improve your health and happiness. Reminding yourself why you should be having fun and pleasing yourself is perfect for when you take a dating break in February.
  8. You have much more free time. When everyone in your social circle is planning big ‘dos and mini getaways ahead of Valentine’s Day, you can enjoy doing your own thing without anyone getting in the way. All that free time can go to numerous things that make you feel good, so grab them!
  9. You don’t have to pretend to like what someone’s done for you. When you’re in a relationship and your boyfriend invites you to dinner or buys you a gift on Valentine’s Day, is there anything worse than having to pretend that it’s awesome? Now you can give yourself what you really desire, even if it’s something silly like your favorite box of chocolates. Even better: you don’t have to share it.
  10. It’s the perfect month to deal with your issues. When you’re thinking about love because Valentine’s Day is approaching, it’s really the perfect time to focus on what relationship-related obstacles you’re putting in your life. Are you too obsessed with finding the right guy? Now’s the time to deal with that and realize that you don’t need to stress so much because life can be amazing and beautiful when you’re standing solo.
  11. You remember that life works in cycles. There’s a big buildup to Valentine’s Day and then the climax, which usually consists of lots of consumerism, followed by life going back to normal. During this month, take some time away from dating to remind yourself that life works in cycles. You’ll have great dates, then you’ll have single time, only for the process to start again. It’s life and it happens, and you might as well enjoy the ride. So, if you’re single right now, make this month one to remember for all the right reasons – because you enjoyed being single.
  12. You realize you’re more than a bunch of silly roses. What is it with people feeling like they’re worthy because they got a bunch of roses from their crush on Valentine’s Day, but then feeling low when they’re spending Valentine’s Day alone? It’s mad! Are we really going to define our self-worth because of gifts or romantic partners? What BS. Taking a break from dating in February will help you see that you’re the only one who defines your worth. Make it count.




Jessica Blake is a writer who loves good books and good men, and realizes how difficult it is to find both.