Hero Driver Saves 25 Children From Bus Just Before It Was ‘Devoured By Flames’

Hero Driver Saves 25 Children From Bus Just Before It Was ‘Devoured By Flames’ Italy Emergency Fire Department

A brave and heroic bus driver in Italy managed to save 25 children from a fire before the entire vehicle was “devoured by flames.” The bus was being used to take the kids, who were between the ages of 14 and 16, to summer camp but caught fire while traveling through a tunnel roughly 50 miles north of Milan. Miraculously, every one of them escaped unharmed, though they were said to be scared after what they experienced.

  1. Everyone is rightfully praising the driver. He’s been hailed for his “great professionalism” and for keeping a “cool head” throughout the ordeal, which must have been incredibly scary not to mention potentially deadly.
  2. Officials in Lombardy want to reward him for his efforts. As per local news outlet Lecco Notizie, Regional Council president Alessandro Fermi said: “By saving 25 boys from the Lipomo oratory, he became the protagonist of a heroic act. I will have the pleasure of having him as a guest in one of the next meetings of the Regional Council to personally testify to him the gratitude of the Lombard institution and give him due recognition.”
  3. The fire brigades that helped are also being recognized. Authorities expressed their appreciation to the Bellano and Lecco Fire Brigades who arrived on the scene to help as well as hospital staff who saw to the children and checked them over following the accident.
  4. This could have ended so much differently. Thankfully, it didn’t and everyone is okay, thanks to the smart and quick thinking of the bus driver.
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