Hershey’s New Candy Bar Is Stuffed With Salted Caramel Cookie Pieces

Hershey’s New Candy Bar Is Stuffed With Salted Caramel Cookie Pieces Hershey's

Hershey’s may not have the best chocolate bars, but they’re definitely a classic and totally have their place in the candy world. While the standard bar is great on its own or in s’mores, Hershey’s new Salted Caramel Cookie bar is amping up the deliciousness in the most welcome way.

  1. Chocolate and salted caramel go together perfectly. Add in a bit of crunchy cookie texture and you’ve got yourself a recipe for pure candy bliss. We’re working with Hershey’s standard milk chocolate base here as well, so you get that creaminess you expect from the bar as well.
  2. The king-sized bar is already listed online. It appears on Walmart’s website for $1.48 but nowhere else, meaning it could theoretically be a Walmart exclusive. That being said, that’s just a guess – Hershey’s hasn’t indicated that’s the case, so check your local store!
  3. It looks like it could be here for the long haul. While often candy brands bring out amazing new variety in a limited edition capacity, Delish doesn’t think that’s the case with Hershey’s Salted Caramel Cookie bar. It would be pretty great if this stayed around long-term because I have a feeling it’s going to become a quick fan favorite.

Happy snacking!

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