“He’s Busy” & 9 Other Lies You Tell Yourself When He Doesn’t Like You Back

Ladies, it’s about time we stop lying to ourselves. When a guy isn’t interested, we tend to pull out our mental list of excuses as to why he doesn’t call, why he doesn’t care, and why he isn’t making an effort. Here are the most common lies we tell ourselves when a guy just isn’t feeling us:

He’s Busy With Work.

You’re damn right he’s busy — too busy to give a crap about you that is! Unless he’s the president of the United States, he’s not too busy to see you, text you, call you, and take you out on a proper date. You’re not asking for him to spend his every waking moment with you, you’re just asking for him to actually acknowledge your existence, and since he’s not, it’s a pretty clear sign that he isn’t into you.

Your Social Media Account Rubbed Him the Wrong Way.

If he’s reading too much into your social media posts then that’s his problem, not yours. Stop telling yourself you rubbed him the wrong way after you aired out your grievances about your annoying co-worker on your latest status update. You’re just making excuses for him.

He’s Recovering From a Heartbreak.

Unless the breakup happened a few days ago this is just another BS excuse you’re making for a guy who simply doesn’t like you. No amount of heartache will stop a guy from pursuing a woman who he thinks is really worth it. His ex would become a distant memory if the two of you were really meant to be together.

He’s a Commitment-Phobe.

There are some men (and women) out there who are deathly afraid of commitment and relationships, but even the most paranoid guy who has sworn off women for the past three years would get into a relationship with a girl who knocked him off his feet. Enough with the excuses!

You Put Out Too Soon.

It’s true, some guys are out for just one thing. But just because you think you slept with him too soon doesn’t mean you completely ruined your chances of having a relationship with him. If you slept with him on the first night and never heard from him again, it’s pretty likely he would’ve still ghosted on you even if you made him wait three months. Sorry, this excuse just isn’t valid.

It’s Just Bad Timing.

Stop trying to use bad timing for justification as to why things didn’t work out. There’s no such thing as bad timing when it comes to relationships. If things were meant to be, the two of you would be riding off into the sunset right about now, and “timing” wouldn’t even be an issue.

He Doesn’t Want to Get Hurt.

Well, no crap. No one wants to get hurt, but being in a relationship and falling in love is all about taking a risk. A guy who sees long-term potential in you won’t be saying to himself, “What if it all ends three months from now?” No, he’ll be jumping into a relationship feet first without any kind of hesitation.

I’m Too Good for Him.

While this may be true, it’s just another excuse you’re telling yourself to make you feel better about getting rejected. Maybe the two of you just didn’t click. It doesn’t necessarily make either of you a bad person.

I Said Something to Scare Him Off.

A guy who’s in love isn’t going to run for the hills over a little comment or an off-hand joke. Sure, he may give you the side eye once you tell him you get really bad gas every time you devour a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, but if he really liked you, it wouldn’t have changed his overall opinion of you. Stop beating yourself up and rehashing all of your past conversations with him to see where you went wrong. It’s not going to change the fact that he’s just not that into you.

He Wants to Advance In His Career First.

Do you know how many guys get into relationships when they’re just starting out in their careers? Their girlfriends are there to help them every step of the way, and having a strong woman by their side actually helps them climb the corporate ladder and advance in their career. A guy isn’t going to hold off on a relationship just because he’s trying to get his employment situation in check. If he really liked you, he would want you be a part of that journey.

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