He’s Ignoring My Texts: What To Remember When You Don’t Hear From Him

When a guy is ignoring your texts, it can be really tough to know what the hell you’re supposed to do about it. Do you message him again? Do you wait it out? And what’s the deal with him anyway? Your head starts going wild with theories on what’s behind his lack of response, but before you start freaking out about what you assume is going on with him, consider these things first.

  1. Maybe he’s legitimately busy. I know we’re all attached to our phones 24/7 and it takes five seconds to reply to a text, but maybe this guy legitimately has a lot going on and he’s not purposely ignoring your texts at all. If work is hectic this week or he’s helping his buddy move house and that means texting is lower on his priority list for now. If it’s only been a few hours or even a day or so, this could very well be the case.
  2. He could have some big stuff going on in his life. Maybe his job isn’t all that busy but he’s under a lot of stress or emotional turmoil because of something else going on in his life. He could have a sick parent that he’s helping to care for or a friend could be going through a tough time and he’s there to support them. That means texting you back will have to wait until he deals with what’s right in front of him. It’s not all about you, and while yes, he could theoretically send you a quick message to let you know what’s up, he really shouldn’t have to.
  3. You might be coming on too strong. It’s possible that he’s ignoring your texts because you’re being a bit over the top. If you’ve been really intense with him despite only having gone on a few dates, he could be trying to put some distance between you. After all, you’re not an official couple, so if you’re expecting him to act like your boyfriend, you need to calm down a bit.
  4. Not everyone is attached to their phone 24/7. I know I said earlier that we all live on our phones, but some people legitimately don’t. Not all guys spend hours scrolling through Instagram or laughing at Twitter memes. A lot of people are choosing to get away from technology more these days for the sake of their mental health. In this case, he’s not ignoring your text so much as not seeing it. He’ll get to you when he picks up his phone again.
  5. Sometimes no answer is an answer. This is the bluntest reality check I can give right now. If it’s been days or even weeks since you’ve heard from him, it’s unlikely that any of the above scenarios would apply to your situation. It could very well be that he’s not feeling you and doesn’t want to have an awkward conversation about it. This sucks and is really disrespectful, sure, but it also shows you that he’s really not worth wasting time and energy on. Take the hint and move on.
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