If He’s Not Completely Obsessed With You, Find Someone Who Is

When you’ve been looking for love for a while, it can be easy to settle into a relationship just because it’s “easy.” But honestly, you deserve so much more than that. You should never allow yourself to be with anyone who doesn’t treat you like you hung the moon. If your current partner doesn’t seem to realize what he has with you, you’re better off finding someone who does.

  1. Don’t BS — you know when a guy’s into you. When a guy’s not that into you, you know it. You might moan to your girlfriends and say you’re not sure what his ‘deal’ is, but deep down, you know what’s happening here. If you have to question every damn thing he does, this guy is so not right for you. Stop fooling yourself.
  2. Even if he doesn’t say it, he’ll show it. It’s not about the things he says — it’s about what he does. When a guy is totally obsessed with you, he’ll do just about anything he can to spend time with you. He’ll clear his calendar to see you any day of the week. No matter how many games you’re used to guys playing, when one’s into you, you’ll see it right away.
  3. You won’t change his mind. If he isn’t showing you he cares, he never will. You should never, ever stick around and try to change his mind. There’s only one fool in that scenario: you. Don’t be the desperate lady who thinks that the more games she plays, the more a guy will be into her. Nobody on this planet has time for that BS.
  4. The harder you try, the worse it will be. The more you try to get with the guy, the more he’ll pull away. Sometimes, we ladies make the mistake of thinking we can ‘win’ a guy over. It won’t work. Cut your losses and focus on someone who really matters for a change.
  5. You deserve someone who worships you. I’m a strong believer in the fact that every single person out there deserves someone who worships the ground they walk on. Committing to another person is a massive deal, and you shouldn’t be dropping your guard for every fool that walks by. Wait until you find someone who’s truly worthy of your time. You deserve him.
  6. Life is short. I don’t know quite how to break this one to you, but life comes and goes before you know it, so you’d better make the most of the time you have. We all forget that time is a precious thing now and then, but it pays to remember. Spend your days with someone who’s crazy about you, not someone who doesn’t care.
  7. A guy who isn’t obsessed with you is just a waste of time. Wasting hours, days, weeks, months on a man who is treating you like an option is a fool’s move. Your time is worth so much more than that. Rather than hanging out with a short-term guy, you should be focusing on finding one that really cares. Get rid of this guy and look for one who’s really worth it.
  8. If you value yourself, men will too. When you love yourself with everything in you, you’ll attract the type of person who’s willing to love you the same way You can’t allow any guy to treat you like Mrs. Right Now — you need to make it clear that you’re looking for something special, not some BS ‘filler’ relationship. When you set the rules from the start, no guy can screw with you.
  9. Settling for some loser is never the answer. If you’re even considering settling for a guy who is less than you deserve, you need a serious reality check. Having no man is a million times better than having a guy who treats you like crap. Remember, you deserve a guy who is completely obsessed with you. Any other man can keep walking.
Charlotte is a freelance writer who's addicted to binge-watching TV, drinking far too much coffee, and writing articles.