If He’s The Right Guy For You, Nothing You Do Will Scare Him Off

Very few of us are actually nuts, but most of us have definitely had “nuts girl” moments. Whether it’s getting way too attached way too soon or quadruple-texting him because he didn’t respond right away, it’s normal to occasionally do something that’s a bit out of character for you. Don’t beat yourself up over it — if he’s supposed to be with you, this is why one slip-up won’t be enough to make him run:

  1. A connection isn’t destroyed that easily. A true connection between two people doesn’t go away because one shows their feelings faster than the other. Don’t waste your time and tears on someone who abandons something great because he has a one-track mind regarding how a relationship should develop.
  2. When you fall for someone, it should include their flaws. If someone is right for you, then the weird or annoying flaws you have won’t faze him. He’ll enjoy the fact that you cared enough to send that huge-ass text. It’s not about falling for perfect, and when he’s the right guy for you, he’ll see that too.
  3. Nothing is too fast if it feels right. People always say don’t rush into relationships, and I’m not saying that’s bad advice, but when it feels right, there’s no point in waiting. Don’t walk down the aisle after a month of knowing each other, but remember that the right guy won’t run for the hills just because you said the L-word a little too soon. He knows he’ll be able to say it back eventually and will love you even more for saying it first.
  4. He’ll like your good qualities so much, the bad ones won’t matter. He won’t see little mistakes as deal-breakers because he’ll find solace in just being with you. He may not love the fact that you get a little overzealous at times, but he’ll see it as you being passionate and outspoken over anything else.
  5. There’s more than one type of guy. What scares off one man will be endearing to another, so it’s safe to assume that the right guy for you won’t push away when things get too serious. He’ll know that it doesn’t matter whether or not he was looking for The One; if you end up being it, he’ll stick with you.
  6. There’s no one-size-fits-all relationship. His friends might warn him against you, but if he’s worth your time, he won’t take them too seriously. He’ll know deep down that he wants you, no matter how nuts you can be with your texting or how fast you seem to fall for him.
  7. There’s no reason to act like anyone other than yourself. If you want to scream from the rooftops how much you love your new man, but are afraid it’ll scare him off, you’re just playing games. He’d never run away when you’re being genuine and sincere, because that’s the person he’s falling for.
  8. Love isn’t a game. If he’s the right guy for you, he’ll realize that and embrace it. He’ll want you for exactly who you are as a person, even if you’re a quick draw to the L-word.
  9. If you both feel like you’ve found something special, you’ll be together. When two people really want each other, nothing will be able to keep them apart. You won’t have to hold back parts of yourself or play any of those stupid dating games that seem to be mandatory in this day and age.
  10. Even if he does get scared, a guy who’s worth it will always come back. The right guy for you might have his own set of relationship issues and may be scared to fall for someone again. He could pull away slightly or even disappear for a short time, but in the end, he’ll always return to you.
Angelica Bottaro has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Trent University and an Advanced Diploma in Journalism from Centennial College. She began her career as a freelance writer in 2014, racking up bylines in The Good Men Project, MakeWell, LymeTime, YouQueen, and more. She eventually shifted her focus and began writing about mental health, nutrition, and chronic disease for VeryWell Health.

You can follow her on Facebook or check out her website at AngelicaBottaro.ca. She also posts on Instagram @a.ct._b and Twitter @angiiebee.