If He’s Worth Your Time, You Won’t Have To Beg For His

Whether you’ve just started dating or you’ve been together for a while, you should never have to ask a guy to make you a priority in the relationship. That should happen naturally, especially if he’s a decent guy and there’s an obvious spark between the two of you. If you find yourself wondering why you haven’t heard from him in days or wondering if he’s seeing someone else because he’s been so “busy,” it’s time to dump this moron and spend your time on someone who actually deserves you.

  1. Asking for his time is a waste of yours. Think about all the wonderful things you could be doing while you’re waiting for him to text you back. All the goals you could be accomplishing, other guys you could be meeting, and most importantly, that time could be spent with your friends. If he makes you wait, he needs to go.
  2. There’s no such thing as being “too busy.” It requires zero effort to send a quick response to a text. Even if that response is just a single emoji, he could easily take less than a second to send it. If he can’t even do that, or tosses the whole, “Sorry, I’ve been soooo busy” excuse on the regular, he’s not that into you.
  3. It’s easier than ever to communicate with someone. He doesn’t even need to send a text to let you know he’s thinking about you. It could be as simple as liking your selfie, RTing you on Twitter, or sending you a DM with a quote that reminds him of you. These are bare minimum online flirtation, so this is the least of what you should be getting from him.
  4. The right guy will be excited to hear from you. He should be thrilled to connect with you at any time of day. That doesn’t mean sending him 100 messages during a workday (obviously), but it’s too early for him to feel like you’ve been talking too much. If he already needs a break from you then this relationship is officially doomed.
  5. If it feels forced, it’s time to walk away. Passion fades over time, so if it feels like work to keep him engaged in a conversation then things can only get worse. Nothing should feel forced in the beginning stages of a relationship. Because if every honeymoon stage felt like that for everyone, nobody would ever get married.
  6. He might be playing games. Maybe he’s playing hard to get or maybe he likes you so much that he’s nervous about letting you know his real feelings. Either way, he needs to go. Guys who play games are immature and toxic. And if he’s too nervous to share his feelings, then why bother? This means he’s too insecure to be the strong partner you need.
  7. Only asshats will make you question your worth. If at any point he makes you feel like you’re a burden, then walk away ASAP. Only manipulative monsters will make you question your sanity and your value. Thank him for the obvious red flag and then say, “Boy, bye.”
  8. You have way better things to do than wait. The only thing in this life that’s actually worth waiting for is a ticket to see Hamilton. Everything else is not worth your time. You’re a busy, motivated, bad-ass, and you should be a priority – just like he’s yours.
  9. This is what separates the boys from the men. The good thing about a guy who makes you beg for his time is that he outs himself as a boy who has a lot of growing to do before he can call himself a man. Men don’t toy with their women like this. Men aren’t afraid to make time for you or worry about who has the upper hand. That’s kid stuff.
  10. The right guy will know how lucky he is to spend any time with you. He’ll be honored to walk by your side and receive random silly texts from you. He’ll be psyched to hear your voice, or see you smile. He’ll make time for you so often that you’ll never have to wonder how he feels. Don’t settle for anything less.
is a freelance writer for Bustle and Petcha, and editor for Wise Bread. She suffers from separation anxiety, and can't bear to be away from her dog for more than 20 minutes. Her dog doesn't seem to care either way. Sweater season is her favorite season.