Hidden Camera Catches Florida Man Having ‘Illicit Sexual Contact’ With Horse

Hidden Camera Catches Florida Man Having ‘Illicit Sexual Contact’ With Horse Indian River Sheriff’s Office

A Florida woman set up a trail camera in a barn on her property after she suspected someone was gaining access to the property without her permission. When reviewing the footage, Catherine Engel was horrified to find Santiago Victoria, 57, going into the Vero Beach barn late at night and having illicit sexual contact with a horse named Mariah. Thankfully, he was arrested soon after.

  1. Engel had every reason to suspect foul play. She became suspicious after noticing ligature marks around one of her horse’s neck and finding bungee cords and ropes around the neck of one of her miniature horses – cords and ropes she never placed there. That’s when she decided to install the camera to find out what was going on.
  2. The Indian River Sheriff’s Office was given the footage when Engel discovered what was going on. Engel said that she saw Santiago coming into the barn and getting “behind the horse in a sexual manner” on three separate occasions. She was easily able to identify Santiago because he worked for a welding company that shared a parking area on the same land where Engel’s barn is located.
  3. Victoria admitted everything when confronted by police. According to an arrest affidavit, Santiago “admitted to having sexual intercourse with the horse” but told police that he couldn’t remember how many times he’d done so. He also said he knew he wasn’t allowed to be in the barn.
  4. He was arrested on three felony burglary charges. He was then booked into the county jail where he remains on $75,000 bond. His arraignment is scheduled for November 29. Victoria has previous convictions for DUI and violating probation, but there’s no suggestion (at least not legally) that he was previously engaged in such a horrific act with animals.
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