Hostess Releases Twinkies Flavored Coffee Pods—BRB, Ordering Immediately

I don’t mean to cause any alarm here, but if you’re a coffee drinker, you’re in for a real treat. You probably have a standard brew already. Whether you like your morning Dunkin’ or Starbucks fix on your way to work, or you’re more of a grind-your-own-then-Aeropress-it kinda person, you likely never considered switching things up. However, I’m sure you’ll change your mind when I tell you that Hostess has released Twinkies flavored coffee pods (plus Sno Ball, Honey Bun, and Ding Dong varieties).

Dessert-flavored coffees? Yes, please. I mean, I don’t often eat Hostess snack cakes anymore, but I did grow up shoveling down more of them than I should probably admit. I still have a deep fondness for them, though. Frankly, if I thought I could afford the calories. With Hostess coffee, now I can.

They fit in any Keurig K-Cup brewer. If you have a Keurig, you probably have tons of pods around. While admittedly they’re not the most environmentally friendly, they are relatively inexpensive and easy for the time-poor and extremely busy among us.

You get 72 pods per box—that’s a lot of Hostess goodness. This is a Hostess variety pack we’re talking about here, so you get plenty of each flavor to keep you going. There are 18 Twinkies flavored coffee pods, 18 Honey Bun, 18 Ding Dong, and 18 Sno Ball. That should last you a while (unless of course you fall so deeply in love with them that you end up drinking multiple per day…).

The Hostess K-Cups are made from 100% arabica coffee. I mean, some people prefer robusta beans, but I’m not one of them. I’m all about the arabica, so I was glad to see that’s the variety these pods use.

They’re probably one of the best novelty food products out there. I love sugary snack cakes but I don’t like the health issues that come with them. That’s why I was stoked to try these. The Hostess dessert flavored coffee pods obviously don’t taste exactly like the actual snack cakes, obviously. However, they do mimic the flavor enough to feel nostalgic and really tasty. I’m a major fan and will definitely be repurchasing.

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