Hidden Valley Is Releasing A Line Of ‘Secret Sauces’ So You Can Put Ranch On Everything

Hidden Valley Is Releasing A Line Of ‘Secret Sauces’ So You Can Put Ranch On Everything Instagram/SnackBetch

If you’re a fan of Hidden Valley Ranch — and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to smother everything from wings to salads? — then you’re in for a real treat because the brand is soon to launch a line of Secret Sauces in three different flavors so you can literally pour it on everything you eat from here until eternity.

  1. The Secret Sauce will come in three delicious flavors. According to an Instagram post from @snackbetch, Hidden Valley Ranch’s new line of flavored ranch sauces will come in Original, Smokehouse, and Spicy, all of which will be perfect for different occasions, i.e. dishes. I obviously won’t be able to keep just one in my fridge.
  2. There doesn’t seem to be much info about the sauces yet. There is a product listing page on the Hidden Valley Ranch website, but the only info it really gives us is that the Secret Sauces are “restaurant-inspired.” The smokehouse is said to be “savory and smooth” while the spicy is listed as “hot and zesty,” but that’s about where the info stops. Beyond that, we just have to use our wildest imaginations.
  3. They’ll be available this spring. While they’re not out yet, Hidden Valley Ranch will launch the sauces in Walmart starting on April 1st. If you don’t live near a Walmart or simply prefer not to shop there, they’ll be available to order online, as well, so you don’t have to miss out.
  4. Some people have already tried them and swear they’re delicious. Somehow, it seems a few people online have claimed that they’ve tried the Secret Sauces and that they’re “perfect” and that they “tasted so good,” according to Delish. While it’s totally possible that these people are just lying and they haven’t actually tasted the sauces, something tells me their descriptions will be pretty spot-on.
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