I Hit The Jackpot, You Guys: Bad Boy Exterior With A Heart Of Gold

Most of us want someone who’s rough around the edges that we can ultimately save and turn into a prince. It’s self-destructive and rarely works, but it happens. After dating a few bad boys that happened to also be bad boyfriends, I had just about given up… until I met one with a heart of gold. Can someone pinch me?

  1. Bad boys are usually narcissists who couldn’t care less about the way their behavior affects others. The extensive list of bad boys in my past have been unapologetic about their cheating, lying and all-around selfish behavior. Unfortunately, they’re like French fries—once you start, you can’t get enough. No matter how miserable they make you feel afterward, you always go in for another. This is where my current boyfriend is different. He’s like a calorie-free French fry—I can have as much as I want of him and still feel good afterward.
  2. Frankly, he’s hot as hell. He looks like a cross between a young Johnny Depp and a rugged Colin Farrell. Yum, right? He has a confident strut and commands the attention of everyone in the room when he walks in. He leaves the top three buttons of his shirt open to show his sexy chest that sports the right amount of chest hair. He sported a man bun before they were cool and uses three hair ties to hold back his thick black hair. Is it getting hot in here?
  3. Girls drool over him but he always walks the line. I’ve never seen a man get so much attention from women. It’s like they flock to him from miles away just to give me the dirtiest looks when I hold his hand. At first, it made me feel incredibly insecure. How could a guy like that stay faithful to me? But time after time he proves that loyalty is black and white. There’s no grey area.
  4. Like most bad boys, he’s very charming. I’ve been fooled so many times by the charm of a bad boy. Like a wolf in sheep clothing, they coax you with their sexy mojo then pull the wool over your eyes. They’d pick me up in their hot rod and open every door for me, or surprise me at work for a lunch date—yeah, they know exactly what they’re doing. The problem is, I’m never the only one they’re doing it for. Fortunately, I found a good wolf.
  5. He’s a country boy and as polite as they come. From the cowboy boots on his feet to his pickup truck in the driveway, there’s just something extra sexy about a country boy. He politely answers “yes, ma’am” whether you’re five or 55 and is as chivalrous as they come.
  6. Bad boys are AMAZING in the bedroom. Typically, you sacrifice any sort of feelings when you jump into a no strings attached situation under the sheets with a bad boy. But he’s telling me that I can have the amazing sex AND the commitment? Have I entered the twilight zone?
  7. Once a player, not always a player. Bad boys have feelings too. When a bad boy is ready, he just might change his ways. Like a cat who only cuddles on their own terms, bad boys won’t change until they’re in a mindset to settle down. Nothing you can say will force their timeline. You have to catch your bad boy at the right time, which is exactly what I did. WIN.
  8. He needs to be challenged. Bad boys don’t like complacency. They need to be challenged or they’ll be tempted to go back to their bad ways. I crush him at corn hole, Monopoly or mini golf, then keep him on his toes with witty banter. Seems to be working well enough for us.
  9. He’s become a true family man. I knew from the moment I saw his attachment to his dog that he had a commitment to family. Taking a bad boy home to Mom and Dad can be nerve-racking, but they’re pretty obsessed with him. Most shocking of all: he can’t wait to have children. Mini-bad boys and girls with hearts of gold? I’m in.
Caitlyn is a freelance writer living in Washington D.C.