This ‘Hocus Pocus’ Chip And Dip Tray Is The Witchy Halloween Accessory You Need

Hocus Pocus came out when I was only nine years old, and I’m loving that it’s having a renaissance of sorts among new fans even now, nearly 30 years later. In a way it kinda sucks that all the cool stuff that’s coming out now in support of the movie wasn’t around when I was a kid, but I had no money then and I do now to buy it all, so every cloud has a silver lining! My next purchase? This Hocus Pocus-themed chip and dip tray from HomeGoods, of course.

  1. Everyone loves chips and dips. Frankly, I don’t even need the dip – I’m perfectly content to sit and eat a bag of chips straight from the bag, no dip needed. However, if you want to be super fancy and/or you’re having a party, a chip and dip tray can seriously come in handy. And with Halloween coming, integrating Hocus Pocus just seems like a no-brainer.
  2. It’s shaped like a witch’s hat! Even if you’re not into Hocus Pocus as a movie (how dare you!) or you’ve never seen it, it’s not like this is official merch or whatever. You can still put this out as a seasonal decoration and everyone will love it because how could they not?
  3. The tray costs about $25 at HomeGoods. It was spotted and posted by Instagrammer @coocooauntie, who noticed the Hocus Pocus goodness floating around in the midst of the store’s other seasonal decorations. She didn’t pick it up herself, but the comments section for the post gave a hint at just how many people were going to be rushing out to grab one themselves.
  4. It’s sure to sell out, so you’ll have to be quick. If you’re a big Hocus Pocus fan or simply need some more awesome Halloween decorations, you’ll want to be quick to pick this chip and dip tray up. There’s no saying how long it’ll last!
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