These Hocus Pocus Crocs Will Make Your Autumn Sparkly As Well As Spooky

Whether you were born in the ’80s, ’90s, or even the early 2000s, chances are you’ve watched and really love Hocus Pocus. What’s not to love, after all? The Sanderson sisters are hilarious, Binx is precious and cheeky as a cat and kinda hot as a human, and it’s the perfect way to celebrate Halloween. That’s why these Hocus Pocus Crocs are a must-have this autumn. They’re super comfy, extremely seasonal, but also a bit spooky.

Disney is selling this must-have footwear. Crocs are no longer ironic hipster footwear – they’re legit fashion. It’s no wonder that Disney has combined one of the most beloved Halloween movies and some of the most comfy footwear into one, don’t you think?

They’re perfect for the season. Disney’s Hocus Pocus Crocs follow an ombré color palette, fading from black to purple to orange and gold, kinda like the Sanderson sisters’ hair colors. They’re also really sparkly, which is always a bonus. The words “Hocus Pocus” are printed where the strap meets the shoe as well.

You get three vinyl charms for each clog. Winifred, Mary, and Sarah are on one with the words “gather round sisters.” In addition, there’s a cauldron charm and a moon charm.

Yes, they come in adult sizes. This one isn’t for the kids, for once. Disney’s Hocus Pocus Crocs are for adults, meaning the big kids in all of us finally get to relive some great memories. “You’ll look bewitching in these sparkling Crocs inspired by Disney’s Hocus Pocus. An allover ombre glitter design is accented with vinyl shoe charms including one featuring the colorful hair of the spellbinding Sanderson sisters,” the product description reads.

You can pre-order yours now! For $54.99, you can preorder your Hocus Pocus Crocs on the shopDisney website. They come in men’s sizes 4 to 9 and women’s size 6 to 11. Something tells me they’ll sell out early, so be quick!

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