This ‘Home Alone’ Advent Calendar Full Of Memories From Everyone’s Favorite Christmas Movie Insight Editions

This ‘Home Alone’ Advent Calendar Full Of Memories From Everyone’s Favorite Christmas Movie

It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas, and part of getting prepared for the holiday season is thinking about advent calendars. Sure, you could get one that’s full of chocolate or other delicious treats (and you totally should), but this year, you’ll definitely want this Home Alone advent calendar too – trust me. It looks amazing!

Home Alone: The Official AAAAAAAdvent Calendar pays homage to the best movie ever. The name alone is enough to make me want it, especially since it immediately evokes that amazing moment when Kevin puts on the after-shave and freaks out.

The advent calendar lets fans of the movie relive some of their favorite memories. “Eight-year old Kevin has the house all to himself when his family accidentally leaves him home alone for the holidays. But when two bumbling burglars knock on his door, Kevin has to devise a series of traps to defend his home!” the item description reads. And once you open it up, things only get better.

It all starts with a pop-up Christmas tree. There are 24 doors, of course, dated from December 1 to December 24. Each box is filled with paper ornaments that represent some of the best parts of Home Alone, from an iron, the McCallister’s lawn jockey statue, army toys, and even a star with a gold tooth. You can put all of these on your Christmas tree, and why wouldn’t you?

The Home Alone advent calendar will be released on October 26. However, you don’t have to wait until then to preorder it. You can get yours on Amazon HERE for $35.99. I’ve already ordered mine!

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