Home Depot Is Selling A Pineapple Plant To Bring The Tropics To Your Living Space

The idea of going on a tropical vacation sounds nice and all, but it’s not likely to be happening anytime soon given the current state of the world. Until it is time to pack your bags and fly off to a beautiful exotic location, you can bring the tropics to you by buying your very own pineapple plant from Home Depot*!

  1. Pure Beauty Farms, a Miami-based company, is to thank for this. While Home Depot is the official seller of these personal pineapple plants, it’s Pure Beauty Farms that grows them. They’re small, adorable, and will totally brighten up any room they’re in.
  2. Yes, they can survive indoors. While you usually see pineapple trees outdoors in tropical, warm weather locales, these mini plants will do just fine in your house/apartment. The plant has loads of green leaves and a baby pineapple in the middle that’s too adorable to eat.
  3. No really, don’t eat this pineapple. The plant is purely decorative and the pineapple in the middle is meant to be looked at, not eaten as a snack since it’s not that variety of fruit. Home Depot and I are begging you: just enjoy the view rather than the taste (which probably wouldn’t be very nice anyway).
  4. Maintenance is pretty easy. Taking care of your pineapple plant is pretty straightforward. While it does require six hours of sunlight a day, it only needs to be watered once or twice a week max, depending on how well the soil holds moisture. Plus, when the weather gets super nice, you can even move it to an outdoor space to enjoy.
  5. For less than $30, it comes with everything you need to get started. Home Depot is selling the pineapple plant for $29.98, which is a total bargain, especially considering it comes with its own pot! That means you won’t need to replant it in your own, and less work = more happiness, at least in my books. You can order yours on the Home Depot website HERE.

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