Homeless Woman Pooped In Man’s Yard Before Bathing Naked In His Pool

Homeless Woman Pooped In Man’s Yard Before Bathing Naked In His Pool Palm Bay Police Department

A homeless Florida woman was arrested after she allegedly broke into a man’s home to poop in his back yard before bathing naked in his pool. The whole incident was unfortunately caught on the homeowner’s surveillance system, and Cheryl Beauchamp, 35, was charged with burglary and criminal mischief, News4Jax reports.

  1. The victim saw Beauchamp march into his yard. The video system showed the suspect walking through his yard before squatting down to defecate on the grass. After that, she cut the screen to the pool area, stripped naked, and climbed in.
  2. Beauchamp was pretty open with police about her criminal activity. When officers from the Palm Bay Police Department turned up, Beauchamp told them frankly that she was taking a bath because she was homeless and had nowhere else to go. She added that she used a rock to cut the screen around the pool because she wanted to bathe in it and there was no other way in.
  3. She said she was on her way to yell at Obama. Beauchamp told officers she was happy to go to jail – in fact, she wanted to – and that she was only passing through Palm Bay on her way to Washington D.C. to yell at Barack Obama. Clearly, she never made it that far.
  4. After being arrested, she was turned over to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. While she was probably happy to have had a chance to bathe, I’m sure there were better ways to do so than breaking and entering into someone’s property. Hopefully following her release from jail, authorities helped her to find somewhere to stay with a proper shower.
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