This Hot Dog Battle Pool Float Set Is The Best Kind Of Food Fight

Whether you’re chilling with your friends poolside or babysitting your nieces and nephews this summer and you want to have a little extra fun in the water, you need to add this hot dog battle pool float set* to your rotation. The concept alone is hilarious but playing the actual game will have you cracking up the whole time.

The hot dog battle float set comes to you via Swimline. You’ve probably either already heard of them or own several of their products. They do cool stuff like an inflatable games table and chair set and  a pool float shaped like a piece of pizza, for instance. In other words, they know what they’re doing here.

So how does this one work? It’s pretty simple. The set comes with two inflatable hot dog floats that you and a friend can straddle while in the pool. You’ll each pick either an inflatable mustard bottle or inflatable ketchup bottle as your battle weapons that you’ll use to try and knock your opponent off their hot dog.

It couldn’t be more appropriate for your next summer BBQ. I mean, nothing says barbeque like hot dogs, right? Breaking out these bad boys at your 4th of July gathering or whatever other get-together you decide to throw will be super memorable and so much fun.

Admittedly, you’ll probably have an easier time of it if you’re a smaller person. While there’s no specific weight or size limit listed for the hot dog battle pool float set, many of the reviewers did mention that they bought it for their kids. That doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy it, of course, just that if you’re super tall or a bit heavier, you may not get maximum enjoyment out of these.

You can get your own set for less than $30. Amazon sells the hot dog battle pool float set for $29.23 with free shipping. Not a bad price considering you get a full set and a game you and your friends, family, kids, etc. will have a great time with for many summers to come.

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