This Hot Dog Toaster Proves You Don’t Need A Grill To Have A BBQ

Whether you live in an apartment without a back yard or you just don’t have room for/the energy to fire up a grill, you can still join in the 4th of July festivities this year—you just need to get this hot dog toaster.

  1. It toasts your buns too. Grilled hot dogs are good enough on their own, but having a bun that’s toasted adds a little extra oomph to an already delicious situation (especially if the buns are brioche, in my opinion, or those delicious potato roll buns).
  2. It does two at a time, so you can share with a friend. I mean, I know anyone with sense wouldn’t just eat one hot dog—two is the bare minimum here—but you can always put in another batch while eating the first one with a friend. If you’re on your own, more for you!
  3. You can choose how “toasted” you want your hot dog to be. It’s like a regular toaster in that it has an adjustable lever button as well as a stop button for those times when you turn the number a bit too high and feel like you might be burning your hot dog (or your bun) to a crisp.
  4. It comes with mini tongs for easy removal. Getting a piping hot piece of meat out of a toaster without scorching your hands seems like an impossible task, so thankfully the toaster comes with mini tongs to help you out.
  5. There’s a removable grease tray at the bottom so it won’t get gross. The last thing you want is a puddle of hot dog grease congealing on the bottom of your toaster. Thankfully, you can just slide out the tray for easy cleaning and you’re golden.
  6. Nearly 2,000 reviews can’t be wrong. Pretty much everyone agrees: this thing works and it’s awesome. Even if you have a grill, sometimes you just want a hot dog and you don’t feel like turning the grill on to have one. Enter the hot dog toaster! In less than 10 minutes (most reviewers seem to agree that six-ish minutes is the sweet spot), you can have one. Bring on the ketchup!

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