Hot Guys Are Overrated—Average Guys Make Way Better Boyfriends

I used to only be attracted to hot guys. I really enjoyed looking at them and having other girls be jealous of me for being with them, but as I got older, I realized most of them were all pretty terrible boyfriends. Knowing that I deserve a good man, I now avoid hot guys like the plague.

  1. Hot guys are often douchebags. We can’t deny the fact that a lot of hot guys are sexist, domineering and simply jerks. Sometimes they just can’t help it—after all, people are more tolerant of their piss-poor attitudes because of their looks, so they either believe they can get away with anything or that they’re doing nothing wrong. A lot of them are incredibly selfish, as well. They’re so deeply in love with themselves that it makes me wonder if they’re even capable of loving other people.
  2. More averagely cute guys often have more fun personalities, hobbies, and interests. This is partly because they have to compensate for not having a gorgeous physical appearance. They have to be more interesting, otherwise, they’ll lose to the self-centered, arrogant, and boring hot guy. This isn’t always the case, but it happens a lot.
  3. Hot guys are more likely to cheat. According to Psychology Today, hot guys have more sex partners outside of their exclusive relationships. They also have more extra-marital affairs and are less committed to their marriages. That makes sense because according to the same source, women are more likely to choose more attractive men as their short-term sex partners. Of course, not all hot guys cheat, but there’s always that chance. If you’re willing to risk it, then good luck. Me? I’d rather date average guys. They’re still attractive, but often not attractive enough to have the guts to cheat on their partners.
  4. Relationships with average guys are more likely to succeed. If you’re tired of going from one boyfriend to another and you just wanna skip the dating game and be in a serious relationship, you have better chances with a cute guy. According to this study, the relationships of more attractive people are more likely to fall apart, especially when they’re unhappy with their current partner.
  5. I’m more likely to feel jealous with a hot boyfriend. I don’t need to know the fact that hot men are more likely to cheat to feel jealous; it’ll happen anyway. No matter how strong my self-confidence is, if there are supermodel beauties hanging around my hot boyfriend, I’ll eventually feel jealous. Even if he tells me that I’m the only one he’s seeing and that he doesn’t care about other girls, deep down I’m still going to have that suspicion. Plus, it’s actually pretty exhausting to have to deal with rivals. And when I’m in a serious relationship, there shouldn’t even be ANY at all.
  6. I feel more secure with an average boyfriend. Sure, there will probably still be one or two girls who might be interested in my average guy, but there won’t be as many as when I have a hot boyfriend. They also don’t attract as many girls, and they make me feel more loved and appreciated because they’re not obsessed with themselves and they don’t think I’m going to keep chasing them because they’re God’s gift to women.
  7. Hot guys turn me into someone I don’t recognize. If I have a hot boyfriend, I’m going to want to change certain things about myself to be his equal, whether consciously or sub-consciously. I wouldn’t want people to say he deserves a more attractive girlfriend, so I’m going to want to put in extra effort into looking better. I work out, go on a diet, or avoid unhealthy food when I’m around him. Doing all these things is fine if I’m doing it for myself, but if I’m doing this for my hot boyfriend, that’s a completely different story. I should be with someone who encourages me to improve myself for good and healthy reasons, not just because I feel insecure about having a hot boyfriend.
  8. Average guys are more attentive to their partners. It’s easy for them to do this since they’re not too busy paying attention to only themselves. They’re way less self-involved, which means they have way more time and energy to invest in their relationship. It’s kind of a relief, to be honest.
  9. Hot guys are often high-maintenance. More often than not, hot guys are very self-entitled. Like I mentioned previously, they can be very selfish and very obsessed with themselves. They’re assertive about the things that they want, and that’s usually good except when they force me to go along with things I don’t want to go along with. I’ll barely have a voice in the relationship, and when I do speak up, he’s probably just going to ignore me. I need a guy that will listen to me and will compromise if we have different opinions, not a douche who only cares about his own interests.
  10. Average guys invest more in exclusive relationships. One of the reasons is that they often don’t have the power to get other girls hooked on them since they don’t look like a Hollywood star. Another reason is that since they don’t have the good looks that will automatically keep a girl and sometimes, they have to work harder to keep me. Overall, being with an average guy will not only give me a more satisfying relationship, it’ll also most likely last longer than a typical relationship with a hot guy.
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