Why The Hottest Guys Are Usually The Biggest Douchebags

Sure, the hot guy with the six-pack abs and the perfect white smile is easy on the eyes, but he’s probably not boyfriend material. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but hot guys are usually a lot more trouble than they’re worth. In fact, they’re usually complete douche-bags. There might be a few good seeds in the barrel, but generally they’re complete losers… just because they can be.

  1. Everyone wants them, so they never settle. Hot guys know they’re the creme de la creme in the eyes of many women, so they think they have the power to pick and choose who they want. They typically won’t keep one woman in the picture for too long because they’ve got more seeds to spread — and they like spreading them everywhere.
  2. Their egos are huge. They know they’re hot. They know that women look at them and get weak in the knees and they prey on us like the victims we become in their presence (unless you’re wise to their typical BS). The hot guy’s ego needs more stroking than most — they need to know if their hair is on point and they spend more time looking at themselves in the mirror than they do looking at you. Basically, they’re total players.
  3. They get too much attention and it’s made them arrogant. Because women are constantly fawning over them, they become pretty arrogant and shallow. They can have anyone (at least in their minds), so they cut down on women who are less than perfect. If you’re carrying an extra few pounds or don’t have a perfect symmetrical face, they decide you’re beneath them even though you’re way too amazing for them.
  4. They don’t have to try as hard. If you’re hoping for a hot guy to charm you and do romantic things for you, think again. They won’t make the same effort that a decent looking average Joe would. They’ll only buy you flowers if it guarantees them a blow job later, because they only do things to look out for themselves.
  5. They’re high on themselves. You’ll know they’re douchebag hot guys just by looking at their social media accounts. If they have a ton of selfies or “photo shoots” even though they’re not even models, they’re most certainly douches.
  6. They’re greedy in bed. They don’t believe they need to satisfy the women they sleep with — they think they’re God’s gift to women. They get on top of you, get themselves off, and don’t bother to finish you off. In their minds, they have to because if you complain, they know someone else will gladly take your place.
  7. They care more about image than quality. They’re all about the image and they make sure they maintain it at all costs. This means putting other people down just to keep themselves up. They probably walk around with their chests puffed like they own every place they walk into, because they need to show everyone they’re “it.” They won’t care that you’re a good girl — they only care if you look good on their perfectly sculpted biceps.
  8. They have a frat boy mentality. Hot guys are generally pretty immature and they still party like a college kids way into their 30s. They go to every music festival, brag about their VIP lounge service and continue to strive to add more notches to their bed posts, because even if their college football days are over, they’re still keeping score.
  9. There’s always someone else willing to date them. Not only do these guys not need to try as hard because they were blessed with amazing looks, but they also don’t care if you call them on any of their BS behaviors. They know someone else will be baited by their undeniable good looks and will help take them for a spin around another block. There might be some special exceptions to the rule, but most hot guys are generally douchebags.