How A Woman Should Treat A Man

There’s a lot of conversation on how men should treat a women, but not so much in reverse. Does that mean that men aren’t deserving of love? Of course not. It takes two to tango and relationships become stronger and healthier when two people are working towards making each other happy. So, as much as your partner is putting effort to make you happy, you should reciprocate with the same energy and watch your relationship blossom. Here’s how every woman should treat the man in her life.

  1. Respect his opinions. Men love it when their concerns are valued and respected. Who doesn’t? You love it when he makes an effort to do chores without you having to ask. It shows he listens to you and values your opinion. That’s the same approach you should take when he expresses valid reservations or concerns. That’s what healthy relationships are all about right? Compromise. Rather than throw tantrum and complain bitterly about how he’s trying to change you, you should at least hear him out. And if it’s something that wouldn’t hurt or affect you in any way if you stopped or changed, then by all means, do.
  2. Shower him with random gifts. Thoughtful gifts are the best! Maybe he’s mentioned that his socks are getting old or that he needs to get some new shirts for work but you know he hasn’t had time to go shopping. You could surprise him with some. Also, it doesn’t have to be on his birthday or a special occasion. Just as you appreciate receiving tokens of affection “just because,” you should treat the special man in your life to the same thing.
  3. Let him know how important he is to you. Every man wants to know that he matters and is valued by his partner, so make it a priority to regularly remind him of the positive changes in your life ever since you met. Tell him what you love about him and remind him he’s one of your top priorities. Better yet, do things that make him feel that he is.
  4. Be a selfless partner. Selflessness is a basic rule for all and one of the top ways a woman should treat a man. Don’t be the kind of partner who always puts herself first before her partner. As much as it’s important to take care of yourself, you should sometimes take a step back and focus on what will benefit both of you. The relationship shouldn’t just be about what you want and your opinion shouldn’t be the only one that counts.
  5. Be his biggest cheerleader. That’s exactly why you’re in a relationship with him! If you don’t cheer him on and encourage him to go after even his wildest dreams, who will? Hopefully, he’s working hard towards reaching his goals and reaching his ambitions. The best you can do is to support him and be his number one fan, especially when he gets discouraged or something goes wrong.
  6. Pay attention to what’s important to him. To treat him right and make him happy, you should get to know what he loves and values in life. What are his aspirations? What’s his relationship with his parents and siblings like? What are his hobbies? When you know him like the back of your hand, you’ll know about the things that matter to him and they’ll be important to you too by association.
  1. Take him out on dates. Your boyfriend shouldn’t be the only one planning the date nights. You should take the initiative and plan other fun hangouts with him, such as dates at fancy restaurants, the movies, parks, coffee dates, and a lot more! This shows that you’re invested in him as much as he’s invested in you. He’ll also feel really valued and loved because who doesn’t crave to be pampered by their lover?
  2. Let him know how good he is in bed. Because men love pleasuring their partners in bed, nothing boosts their ego more than hearing you speak excitedly about how you enjoyed your intimate moments. It’s a great turn-on for men and he’ll likely put even more effort to outdo the pleasure he dished out the last time
  3. Give him his space. It’s obvious that you love your partner, but be careful not to get so clingy that you don’t give him space to be by himself for a while. He may not tell you this because he’s scared of hurting your feelings, but understand that loving him doesn’t mean that you need to spend all your time with him. Relationships thrive more when lovers retain their individuality and their lives outside the relationship.
  4. Be his support system. When it comes to how a woman should treat a man, this is paramount. You should always aim to be understanding, empathic, and kind to your partner. Society often encourages men to bury their feelings and expects them to deal with negative emotions by not dealing with them at all. That’s just what “manly” men do, right? Wrong. Just as he listens to and cares for you whenever you’re going through a rough patch, you should offer him the same in return. This doesn’t mean you should solve his problems or try to fix him, but you should be his safe space. Reassure him that you’re with him no matter what and ensure he feels supported.
  5. Don’t hoard compliments. Ever! It’s really sweet and adorable when you notice your boyfriend’s new haircut or shirt and tell him how handsome he looks in it. He’ll feel more desired and valued. Aside from his looks, you can also let him know other amazing qualities that you love about him. Maybe it’s the way he laughs, his work ethic, or even his cooking skills — whatever it is, tell him.
  6. Be open to sharing his hobbies and interests. This is one of the best ways a woman can treat a man well. You should embrace the things he cherishes even if it means playing video games or watching football with friends in a bar every once in a while. That way, you’ll have more topics to talk about and even spend more time together. Also, you don’t need to be good at his hobbies or even love them, nor do you have to partake in every single one every time. It’s enough to show a basic level of interest. It really is that simple.