How Do I Get A Guy To Call Me? 5 Things You Can Do

If you grew up during the ’80s or ’90s, chances are you remember with fondness all those hours you used to talk on the phone to your BFF or your school crush. Your parents shouted at you for “tying up the line” and maybe you shouted at your siblings to disconnect from AOL dial-up so you could wait by the phone for a call. However, these days, it’s all about texting, and that can be annoying. If you want to get a guy to call you instead of just messaging you, here are a few methods to try.

Tell him how sexy you think his voice is. Men love to have their ego stroked, so if you tell a guy how much you love the sound of his voice and you do it with sincerity and maybe even a little seductive edge to your tone (even if only in writing), he may be more inclined to pick up the phone and call you. In the early stages of dating, he’ll likely want to impress you, so if he thinks listening to him yammer about sports on the phone is the way to your heart, he’ll be more likely to do so.

Mention that you have something you want to tell him. Obviously, you shouldn’t try this one if you don’t actually have anything to say as he’ll call you and there’ll be an awkward silence and the conversation will pretty much be over. However, if you do have anything you want to talk to him about and you’re feeling too lazy to type or talking about it via text seems weird, mention that. He might even freak out thinking it’s something bad and your phone will be ringing in no time.

Send progressively flirty text messages. Yes, sexting is a thing and quite popular, but phone sex is even better because nothing gets you off like hearing the sound of the person on the other end of the line getting off too. If your texts are taking a flirtier tone with every message, drop hints about how much you’d like to transfer that into actual speaking and the guy will more than likely call you ASAP.

Make it clear how much you prefer talking over texting. To be honest, maybe he hates texting too but he assumes you like it and it’s easier to chat that way, which is why he does it. Mention how much you preferred the old-school way of talking instead of typing out words on a screen. If he’s perceptive, he should pick up on the hint.

Ask him to call you. At the end of the day, the easiest way to get a guy to call you is to literally ask him to. Tell him you want to hear his voice on the phone rather than texting. Or, better yet, you can call him. Sometimes a girl just has to be a bit more proactive, right?

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