How Do You Know If A Date Went Well?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether a date went well or not—even if you made out at the end of the night, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. That said, there’ll be some surefire signs when it comes to your compatibility and whether you have a future with a particular guy after a first date.

  1. He told you how beautiful you looked. The first sign that a date went well is that he commented on your appearance in a positive way. I’m not talking about the likes of, “Oh, that’s an interesting scarf.” It’s more about whether he gave you a genuine compliment or told you how great you looked on the night. I mean, kindness is everything when you’re meeting a stranger for the first time, am I right?
  2. He laughed at your jokes. If you managed to have a laugh together, that’s a pretty good sign. Even better is if he laughed at your jokes even when they weren’t especially funny (like the 10 you had in your repertoire about the chicken crossing the road). When your senses of humor click, you have a basis of solid chemistry there.
  3. The conversation flowed easily and there were no uncomfortable silences. If you always had stuff to talk about on your date and you found each other super interesting then the whole thing probably went as well as it could have. There were no awkward silences or having to use the five questions you had on reserve for if the conversation dried up at any point. It flowed naturally and that’s a good sign.
  4. There was zero awkwardness in general. Similarly, there weren’t any awkward moments between you both on the date as a whole. He didn’t make any inappropriate comments about sex, didn’t put you on the spot by asking you your feelings on kids or marriage, and generally acted like a perfect gentleman. Similarly, he didn’t seem taken aback by anything you said and did. The whole thing was bizarrely normal.
  5. You had a bunch in common. Perhaps it surprised you to learn that he loves Harry Potter just as much as you or he won’t go to the gym at any other time than early in the morning like you. If you had a bunch of things in common and you weren’t expecting it, this is a surefire way of confirming your compatibility for future dates. It might even give you some inspiration for some new and fun things to do together.
  6. There was undeniable flirtingIn addition, it was obvious you guys clearly fancied each other on the date if you flirted with each other. There was serious eye contact, he was looking at your lips as you talk, you touched his arm for emphasis during conversation—you know, all the usual little signs. You were in sync and it all felt natural, which is a pretty positive sign.
  7. His body language was open. He didn’t sit with crossed arms and he wasn’t looking in the opposite direction as you talked. No, he listened to you and seemed engaged by showing open body language. Bonus points if he used his hands when he talked, as this shows passion.
  8. You talked about serious stuff. Along with being able to have a laugh with him and make fun of him for calling his pet guinea pig “Hector,” you know your date went well when you guys also managed to hit some serious topics of conversation. I’m talking emotional revelations, past relationship history, grief—all the stuff that gets you in the feels. Serious topics could also include climate change, whether you believe in the big bang theory, and which political party you support—as long as there were meaningful conversations, then you guys obviously seemed to gel.
  9. You had that “spark.” One of the main indicators that a date went well is if you feel “it.” You know, that elusive spark that everyone seems to be chasing all the time. You can just tell when there’s an obvious connection with someone that goes beyond the level of friendship. It was natural and felt good to be in his company. He also either liked you or he didn’t—but if the feelings were mutual, then everything about the date would be positive and you wouldn’t be able to think of one negative.
  10. He asked to see you againFinally, perhaps the most obvious sign that a date went well is if he asked to see you again before the date was even over. He might have even already messaged you or planned the next meet-up right there and then before he even said goodnight to you. Regardless, don’t rely on the kiss you might have had to seal the deal. Sure, kissing at the end of a first date could be the sign of an immediate connection, but it could also be a sign that he just wants to get into your pants. Either way, time will tell what’s in store for you guys.
Katie Davies is a British freelance writer who has built a career creating lifestyle content that caters to the modern woman. When she's not sipping tea, shopping, or exploring a new city, you'll probably find her blogging about her fashion and travel adventures at