How Having Your Heart Broken Will Make You A Better Girlfriend

Some of us have been lucky in love and found our perfect person easily, but many of us have had to endure one heartbreak after another with no happy ending in sight. It can be disheartening to be let down time after time and still get back out there, but having your heart broken a lot will actually make you a better girlfriend someday.

  1. You’re strong enough to handle anything. The fact that you still believe in love and that your happy ending is out there only shows how truly strong and amazing you are. Even when your experiences threatened to break your spirits, you built yourself up enough to keep trying over and over again, and eventually that’s going to be an amazing quality to have in a relationship. You don’t give up and you keep trying, even when things don’t go the way you hope.
  2. You appreciate the little things. You’ve been taken for granted and know what it feels like to be unappreciated. When you’ve been hurt a lot, you replay your experiences to try and find the good things to be positive about, which will only make it easier to recognize those things as they’re happening in the right relationship.
  3. You’re brave. It doesn’t matter that you’ve had your heart broken and failed at the genuine attempts you’ve made to find your happy ending. You still remain hopeful, which shows your overall optimism in life. When you’re with the right person, you’ll be more open than you’ve ever been before, and you’ll be willing to take risks on making your relationship better and stronger.
  4. You don’t give up easily. You’ve put in real effort to find someone amazing even though your search hasn’t been the easiest. When you’re finally someone’s better half, you’ll keep the momentum going and make genuine effort to keep your relationship going, because you didn’t go through all these challenges for nothing and you’re not giving up unless he does.
  5. You don’t sweat the things you can’t change. You’ve dated a lot and learned to accept people at face value, even if they aren’t perfect. You’ve gone through your own personal spells of self-doubt because of your failed attempts and have come to the conclusion that sometimes stuff doesn’t work out. It’s fine, because when it finally does, you’re going to be happier for always putting your best foot forward, and being the best person you can be while accepting that the right person will also have flaws of their own.
  6. You’re in tune with what you do and don’t want. You’ve experienced a lot in your dating life and because of that, you’ve narrowed down exactly what you want and need in a person, and you won’t hesitate to walk away from things that won’t make you happy in the end.
  7. You’ve learned. You have valuable lessons under your belt. You know yourself fully from your heartbreaks and from exploring many different options, even if they didn’t work out. Learning is a crucial part of the journey because if you’re not failing and making mistakes along the way, you’re not going to learn how to rebuild yourself and grow. Plus, you won’t appreciate the right person if you’ve never experienced the wrong ones.
  8. When it’s finally right, you’ll love with everything you have. You know that it might not work out, but that eventually it will. When it’s finally honest and real, you’ll love with everything you have. Every heartbreak you’ve experienced will have been well worth it in the end, because you’re going to be a great girlfriend for surviving the struggles, and you’ll appreciate the real love you’ve earned from being a warrior on the journey.