How Long Does It Take A Guy To Know He Wants To Marry You?

Every guy and every relationship is different, but generally speaking, guys tend to figure out pretty quickly if they’re with the woman they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Of course, that doesn’t mean he’s going to propose the minute he realizes he wants you to eventually be his wife but it’ll happen. Until then, here are some signs that he already has you in mind as his lifelong partner.

  1. You’ve met his family and friends. If he doesn’t see a future with you, chances are you’ll never see his friends and you definitely won’t meet the family. However, if you have become a part of his friend group and his family is welcoming towards you, there’s a strong chance that he’s already expressed the seriousness of the relationship to them. If the parents love you, consider yourself in!
  2. He takes you everywhere with him. Dates are one thing, but if he frequently takes you with him on vacation, to run errands, or even to company functions, you can pretty much consider yourself a long-term partner. It means he wants you around all the time and feels comfortable having you in different environments. While he’ll respect your wishes for not accompanying him when you can’t, he loves having you with him whenever possible.
  3. You’ve made future plans together. Do you have any plans together months or years in the future? It can be anything from traveling to the Caribbean together at the end of the year or having kids in a few years. If you find yourself frequently discussing topics that will take place months or years from now, he clearly sees you in his future.
  4. He stood by you during hard times. No one is going to put up with unnecessary drama or hardships with a person they don’t care about. Surely he has his own baggage and isn’t looking for anymore for the fun of it. If he has stuck by your side during tough times in your life, he has proven that he plans to always be there for you.
  5. He’s relaxed with and around you. It’s a proven fact that you’ll be comfortable being yourself around a person you trust and love. If he lets his guards down, says exactly how he feels, and doesn’t hold back, then it’s a sign that he is perfectly relaxed with you and trusts you with his emotions. No guy is going to do that with just anyone. That’s something you reserve for your wife or a therapist!
  6. He showers you with attention and affection whenever he can. When a guy is in love, he gives his partner all the affection and attention he can possibly muster. When that woman is “The One,” the people around him are sometimes even surprised by the amount of love he shows, especially if he isn’t the mushy type. Pay close attention to what his family and friends say about the way he acts towards you and ultimately to how he treats you. If you feel like you’re a princess and he’s your Prince Charming, that man is definitely ready to put a ring on it!
  7. You live together or plan to move in. If you already live together and are performing husband and wife duties for each other, it’s only a matter of time before he makes things official. If he asks you to move in with him, maybe that’s his stepping stone to marriage. Now, if you buy a house together or sign a lease, you should probably start looking for a wedding dress because it’s only a matter of time.
  8. He values your opinion. Men are notorious for being hard-headed, so if he actually asks for your opinion, it means that he values you. He’ll ask for your thoughts and feelings on a topic before making huge decisions that will not only impact him but also his future spouse (hint: you). He even wants your input on small decisions like what toppings to get on his ice cream.
  9. His things are your things. One of the core tenets of marriage is “what’s mine is yours.” So, if he’s already given you access to everything he owns, what does that mean? I don’t mean things like allowing you to use his laptop to check his email or taking a sip of his juice. We’re talking real things with real consequences! If you have access to his house, keys to his car, and can use his money whenever, you’re almost down the wedding aisle!
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