A Guy Shares How To Make Your Boyfriend Jealous Of The Other Men In Your Life

For the record, I don’t think anybody should go out of their way to make their partner jealous. Having said that, I understand that it’s one of those mini games that both men and women sometimes use, especially early on in their relationship. If you want to make your boyfriend jealous of the other men in your life, here are a few ways that you can do it.

Make his friends like you… a lot.

Of course you want to get along with your boyfriend’s friends, but if you want to make him jealous, you should get them to really like you. Give them compliments and flirt with them while your boyfriend is in the room. Then you can act like it’s no big deal and you’re just being friendly. To be honest, it’s kind of a dirty trick, but it’s almost guaranteed to fill your boyfriend with jealousy and perhaps a little rage. If any of your boyfriend’s friends say, “Hey man, I really like your girl,” then mission accomplished.

Talk to your ex.

This sounds simple enough. There are few things that make a guy more upset than their girlfriend talking to an ex. From our perspective, why is he your ex if you still want to talk to him? Typically, we prefer if all of your exes are out of your life permanently. So, if you mention having a nice chat with your former flame, your current boyfriend won’t be pleased. If he gets angry, it’s because he’s trying to mask his jealousy.

Speak highly of your ex.

The only thing worse than your pleasant chat with an ex is hearing you speak glowingly about him. No guy wants to hear you say positive things about someone you were with before him. Frankly, we don’t always understand why you would do this. When you talk your past guy up, it makes us think that you’re comparing the two of us. Guys hate this more than almost anything because it makes us fearful that you prefer your ex, which is obviously going to make us a little jealous.

Hang out with your guy friends.

For guys who like to hide their insecurities, having a girlfriend who has a lot of guy friends can be a tenuous situation. With time, most of us grow comfortable with the situation. It’s usually a matter of understanding the dynamics of your friendship. However, hanging out with your guy friends does make us feel jealous and a little uneasy. I mean, what’s the point of them when you have a boyfriend? Any kind of negative reaction to the idea of you hanging out with your guy friends is just him hiding his jealousy.

Mention a guy he doesn’t know.

As I said, most guys can reconcile that you have guy friends, but only once he gets to know them. However, bringing up a guy that your boyfriend has never heard of before or doesn’t know will set off his jealousy alarm. For example, is your new co-worker “the sweetest guy in the world”? Did you “spend all afternoon working with him”? Stuff like that will almost always make a guy jealous. If he doesn’t know a guy that you’re talking about, all kinds of thoughts will swirl in his head. If we know one of your guy friends, we’ll rationalize in our head why you would never leave us for him. As the saying goes, “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

Post pictures of you and other guys on social media.

If you can’t make your boyfriend jealous of the other men in your life in person, you’ll just have to post pictures online. Guys will always go crazy with jealousy when they see a picture of their girlfriend with some other guy pop up. Most likely, he wasn’t there when the picture was taken. That means he’ll drive himself crazy thinking about what happened before and after the picture was taken. If that’s not a recipe for jealousy, I don’t know what is.

Laugh at another man’s jokes.

Some guys can be quite insecure and defensive when it comes to making their girlfriends laugh. We feel like we’re the only ones with permission to do this. I know, it’s weird, but that’s how we actually think. Naturally, we’ll start to get jealous when another guy gets you chuckling. It hits our insecurity and makes us think that our girlfriend is going to leave us for someone funnier. You might think of it as harmless, but to many guys, it’s really not.

Tell him when other guys flirt with you or ask you out.

This might be the granddaddy of them all. It’s hard for a guy not to feel a little jealous if he hears about other guys flirting with his girlfriend or asking her out. Granted, if the guy is secure with the relationship, it may not bother him as much. However, most guys are insecure deep down. We almost assume that if a better looking, smarter, or funnier guy comes along that you’ll instantly drop us. Plus, telling us that another guy asked you out or witnessing other men flirting with you is a harsh reminder that you have other options.

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