How To Make Sure He Only Has Eyes For You

In a sane universe, the man you love would automatically have eyes for you and only you, without you having to put in any extra effort to hold his attention. Sadly, in the real world, you have to make him appreciate you and realize that you’re his dream woman. Luckily, there are things you can do to keep him glued to your side.

  1. Be your most attractive self. No matter how great you are as a person, men still want to be attracted to you physically. You don’t have to be Gal Gadot or Rihanna for him to find you hot. You just have to put some effort into looking as good as you can. Wear clothes that flatter your figure. Smell good. Work out. Walk around like you own the world. Don’t let insecurities or perceived physical flaws dictate how you see yourself. Own your imperfections.
  2. Speak his love language. If you can love him the way he wants and likes to be loved, he’s going to want you over anyone else. If his love language is gifting, send him gifts at random times, not just on special occasions. If his language is words of affirmation, shower him with affection and praise. If acts of service are his thing, do stuff for him to show you care. And if quality time or physical touch is what’s important to him, create time to spend with him without any distractions, and don’t hesitate to kiss, hug, or hold him as much as possible.
  3. Build a strong, healthy relationship. Sure, your presence is a present, but if you want to make sure you’re the only one he wants, you need to bring some other value to the relationship. Focus on strengthening your emotional connection. Get to know him on a deeper level. Help him be a better person. Communicate with him and encourage him to open up to you.
  4. Take an interest in the things he likes. Everyone loves being around people who care about the things they do. You don’t have to work in the same field as him or even enjoy his hobbies, but you have to try to learn about them and share those experiences with him. Is your guy a huge football fan? Does he enjoy gaming or reading comic books? Learn to like or tolerate his interests. This will bring you closer together.
  5. Be someone he can talk to about anything. Your boyfriend probably wants to be with someone who get him, quirks and all. He wants a woman he can talk to for hours without feeling bored. He craves a woman he can open himself up to in ways that he can’t with his friends or relatives. He needs a woman who knows how to be there for him. If you can be that woman for him, he won’t feel inclined to go searching for that elsewhere.
  6. Spend time with him and make it fun. You want to make him feel good and excited being around you. Find activities for both of you to do together. Don’t wait for him to suggest and plan dates. Take charge from time to time and come up with fun activities you can both do. When you’re with him, try to bring good energy and focus on the moment rather than being lost in thought or preoccupied with your phone. If he associates your time together with good memories, he’ll keep coming back to you.
  7. Inspire and support him. Any woman can bring sex and good looks to the table, but not every woman can be a source of inspiration and a pillar of support in his life. Push him to be a better person and realize his potential. Help him grow personally and professionally.
  8. Make him feel loved. Show him how much he means to you. Tell him you believe in him. Compliment your guy and make him feel good about himself. Let him know that he’s appreciated and cared for. Let him see how happy he makes you and strive to make him happy too. Thank him once in a while when he does something nice for you. Be his safe space and try not to take him for granted.
  9. Have a fulfilling life outside of him. Men like strong, independent women who are their own people. They don’t like women who have no identity outside of their relationship. Don’t make him shoulder the burden of being your sole source of happiness and content. Show him that you’re perfectly fine on your own. Build a great life for yourself that’s not connected to or dependent on him. Prioritize yourself, and he’ll start to prioritize you.
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