How Much Does He Like Me? This Quiz Will Help You Determine The Strength Of His Feelings

When you start dating a guy you actually like, it’s so easy to lose your proverbial s**t and start freaking out over whether or not he’s on the same page as you when it comes to his feelings. He says he likes you and he acts like he does, but that’s no comfort when you’re teetering on the edge of sanity because you haven’t been so into someone like this in recent memory. If you want an answer to the question how much does he like me? start by asking yourself these questions.

  1. How often does he get in touch? A guy who likes you will get in touch every once in a while when it’s convenient. One who likes you a lot will make it a priority to reach out even if he’s super busy and it’s just a few words. He’ll want to make sure you know that you’re on his mind and that he’s looking forward to seeing you again when both of your schedules allow it.
  2. Does he talk about the future with you? How much does he like me? you wonder. That all depends. Do you ever talk about what your future together would be like? Does he bring up things he’d like to do with you in a few months or even a few years? If he feels comfortable enough to envision the important parts of his life that are yet to come with you by his side, that’s a pretty good sign.
  3. How long did you wait before you had sex? While there’s not a damn thing wrong with having sex on the first date and you should absolutely go for it if it’s what feels right, there is something to be said for how quickly you hopped in the sack together. It’s possible that if sex happened pretty much immediately, you might connect primarily on that level and no others. However, the answer to this question has to be taken in context with the others as well.
  4. Are your silences comfortable or awkward? You might not think that the feeling you have during silent periods would tell you anything in regards to how much he likes you, but it does. In a relationship between two people who really like one another and connect on a deep level, sitting together quietly is a comfort rather than an awkward experience you attempt to avoid at any costs.
  5. Has he deleted all his dating apps? If you’re asking yourself how much does he like me? then this is a great way to tell. A guy who’s really into you has no need to stay active on dating apps. Hell, even if he’s not active on them, he doesn’t need to even keep a profile or have the apps downloaded on his phone. Why would he? He should be invested in developing what you have full-time.
  6. Does he seem to light up when he’s around you? Even if he’s stressed or tired, whenever you’re around each other, this guy just seems to come alive. He’s full of energy and smiles and just seems… bright. This is a major indicator that you make him happy and that he feels invigorated around you, and that means he likes you a whole lot.
  7. Has he mentioned being exclusive or acted like you already are? If he acts like you’re his girlfriend already even if he hasn’t asked you to be or he brings up the fact that you’re the only woman he’s seeing, you don’t even need to question how much he likes you because it’s evident. He likes you so much that he’s not interested in anyone else. What more do you need to know?
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