How My Faith Changed What I Looked For In A Relationship

When it comes to religion and relationships, it can feel like oil and water. It can also make or completely break a couple. Even though the relationship with your faith is extremely personal, it can affect how you interact with your significant other. My faith changed what I look for in a relationship and it also helped me understand them better. H

  1. I Look For Someone With His Own Faith. Whether it’s my particular religion or his own, having faith that there’s a higher power watching over us is important. Not only does believing in something bigger mean something to me, but also actively practicing his faith too. His beliefs don’t need to be the same as mine but he needs a firm base in something. I don’t care if my guy worships Mother Nature because I know he’ll understand.
  2. I Look For Someone Who Respects My Faith. Along with believing in something, he needs to respect that I actively practice my religion. There isn’t anything worse than being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t respect that I pray when I see an ambulance or before I go to bed. And nothing turns me off more than a guy not respecting my choice to attend service every Sunday.
  3. I Look For Someone With A Passion For Something. I have passion for my faith amongst other things in life, so when I’m looking for a guy to date, I want them to also have a love for something. Whether it’s playing the guitar or working out, having passion aside his faith makes him well rounded and more attractive to me. When he is passionate about his craft, he’ll be passionate about me.
  4. I Look For Someone Who Believes In Themselves. My faith has not only taught me to believe in myself but also to look for that in my counterpart. Having faith bottom line means having a belief in something that you can’t see or touch. Believing in myself has changed my energies and allowed me to attract the right guy. When a guy believes in himself, it vibrates off his personality.
  5. I Look For Someone Who Donates To A Charity. Making money is awesome but donating a portion of the money to my church makes me feel awesome. The money donated goes to my church as well as projects around the city I live. When the guy I’m dating contributes to a charity or donates his time, it shows his compassion for something other than himself.
  6. I Look For Someone Who Works Hard For What They Want. Having faith is easy, but keeping my faith is hard. Wondering why bad things continue to happen in the world is a constant struggle. Working hard at my faith takes time and energy so I look for someone who also works hard for what he wants.
  7. I Look For Someone Who Is Forgiving. Forgiveness is the number one characteristic that makes up my religion. Forgiving someone for whatever it is they did is the key to growing up and moving on.  It also helps relationships when you forgive your guy for something he did that might have upset you. Finding a guy who can forgive quickly and understand the importance is a goal shaped by my faith.
  8. I Look For Someone Who Handles Difficult Circumstances With Acceptance. Being religious can sometimes come with persecution. When bad things happen, people turn to me and ask why God would let this happen, so it can be overwhelming. It taught me to look for someone that will back me up but also handle his own hard situations with ease.
  9. I Look For Someone Who Looks For The Good In Others. My religion teaches me that inside every person is God and to treat others that way. When someone treats me unfairly or hurts me, I try to understand and look for the good in them instead of hurting them back. When finding someone to spend time with, I want them to be slow to anger and work on looking for the good. If someone wronged them, the first thing I look for is how they react. If my guy is able to bypass someone else’s mistake or wrongdoing, I know our relationship will be strong and unbreakable.
  10. I Look For Someone Who Stays Strong In Tough Situations. My faith taught me that when life gets tough to hand your problems over to God but also stay strong. When looking for a relationship, I look for a guy who stays level-headed and sturdy in difficult situations. Whether the situation is at work, friends, family, or strangers, I look for a guy who stays faithful when everything around him is tempting.
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