How To Ask A Guy To Kiss You Without Weirding Him Out

You meet a guy, decide that you’re into him, and you want to take the next step. In fact, whether you’ve just started dating him or you randomly bump into him on a single girls’ night out, there’s nothing you want more than this guy to plant one on you. However, he seems totally oblivious. The good news is that you can be the one to initiate the kiss if you just follow these steps.

  1. Lay the groundwork. Needless to say, it’s impossible to ask a guy to kiss you and him not be weirded out without any kind of build-up. You need to lay the groundwork. By this, I mean it’s time to get your flirt on. 
  2. Laugh at his jokes. The idea is to make him feel like you’re into him without actually telling him (unless you have to tell him as a last resort because he’s not picking up on any of your signals). How come? Well, guys are unlikely to make a move unless they feel 100% confident to do so. They don’t want to be left hanging. Start level-upping your flirting game by being playful. Make jokes, banter with him, and laugh at his jokes (even if they’re not that funny). Boost his ego and a kiss will be imminent. 
  3. Be touchy-feely. You can also level-up your flirting by using the power of physical touch. After all, physical touch is known as a nonverbal love language. It lets this guy know that they’re cherished. From stroking his arm to holding his hand, if you make the first move to touch him, he might be more willing to make the first move with a kiss. Score.
  4. Lean into him when he’s talking. Get nice and close to him during conversation and a kiss will be inevitable. Why? Well, if he really likes you as much as you like him, he won’t be able to resist you when you’re that close to his face. True story.
  5. Get him one-on-one. Some guys hate PDAs (that’s Public Displays of Affection if you’ve been living under a rock) and don’t like kissing in front of other people. If you’re in a crowd, increase the likelihood of him kissing you by getting some privacy. Whether you ask him to get some air with you or drive you home, make sure it’s just the two of you before you carry on the “get him to kiss me” mission.
  6. Make intense eye contact. If you guys have serious sexual chemistry, you’ll be able to feel it when you make eye contact with him. In fact, it might feel like his eyes are burning into your soul. Ergo, if you hold his gaze as long as possible (without staring him down and scaring him), this is a surefire way of letting him know that you’re into him. After all, you tend to make intense eye contact with someone right before you kiss them. The only thing is, if he keeps looking away or avoiding your gaze, this might mean that he’s not ready for the kiss just yet.
  7. Look at his lips. Experts claim that looking at someone’s lips is a way of communicating with someone that you want them to kiss you without actually saying the words. Just don’t be too forward and start licking your lips while looking at his. Why? Well, you just might freak him out.
  8. Whisper in his ear that you like him. If all else has failed so far, it’s time to start being more vocal. Tell him that you’ve got a secret to tell him and then lean forward. Whisper in his ear that you “kind of like” him or you’re “kind of into” him with a wry smile. This should give him the confidence to go for the kiss then and there. Plus, you’re already in his face so you’ve sort of done the hard work for him. (You’re welcome, dude.)
  9. Work it into the conversation. If the previous step hasn’t worked, you can make one last attempt to get the kiss. I think there’s nothing more unromantic than “hey, can you kiss me?” so I’d avoid this at all costs. Instead, be a bit more subtle about asking for a kiss by mentioning it in conversation. You could ask him what’s the best kiss he’s ever had—or the worst—and have a giggle about it. Or if it’s your last chance to get a kiss before the end of the night, you could ask him if he was ever planning on kissing you? Either way, you’d get your answer (and hopefully the kiss too!).
Katie Davies is a British freelance writer who has built a career creating lifestyle content that caters to the modern woman. When she's not sipping tea, shopping, or exploring a new city, you'll probably find her blogging about her fashion and travel adventures at