How To Attract A Man Who Has Boyfriend Potential

When I was much younger, I often wondered why I always attracted emotionally unavailable guys, players, or simply guys who mistreated me a few months after getting into a relationship with them. It was frustrating, but as I got older, I realized that my past attitude and how I carried myself were the major reasons why I attracted men who only wanted to use me. To attract a man who has boyfriend potential, you need to focus on these things.

  1. Love and respect yourself. According to dating and relationship expert James Preece, you have to be “bold, confident and positive” to attract the right kind of man with boyfriend potential. You should be truly self-aware with healthy self-esteem. Treat yourself kindly and set healthy boundaries. Men are primarily attracted to confident women, not women who are desperate.
  2. You should be yourself. When you meet a new guy, it’s normal to want to pretend to be everything you think he wants. But remember that if you attract a man on false pretenses, you’ll have to keep that up throughout the relationship. That can be overwhelming and pretty much impossible to do. Besides, men can see from a mile away when you’re not your true self and it’s a turn-off. So, go ahead and be your goofy self. Don’t be scared to make mistakes and laugh. Just be you! Tony Robbins says that letting go of negative talks, focusing on your strength, and being open to change are some of the ways to be yourself.
  3. Work on expanding your horizons. This increases your chances of finding a man with boyfriend traits. So, don’t be limited to your small town. Invest in traveling more, further your studies, take on new hobbies and attend events. You should literally put yourself out there as much as possible. Like Cinderella, you’re positioning yourself to attract the right man.
  4. Pay attention to your appearance. The better you look, the more heads you’ll turn when you walk into the room. What exactly you’re wearing matter. It’s all about taking pride in yourself. Practice good hygiene, wear clothes that make you feel hot as hell, and carry yourself like you know you’re amazing because you are.
  5. Don’t ever act desperate. This is one of the general rules of attraction. When it’s easy for a guy to waltz into your life, it’s a red flag that he may not take you seriously in the long run. According to Birnbaum Gurit, a social psychologist and associate professor of psychology, “People who are too easy to attract may be perceived as more desperate and that makes them seem less valuable and appealing.” You may be eager to have a boyfriend, but take a chill pill. Realize that you’re also a big deal and any man who has you is damn lucky.
  6. Focus on your hobbies, interests, and passions. To attract a man, you should live your life to the fullest. That means pursuing your hobbies and honing your talents without reservation. This doesn’t just make you feel happy and more fulfilled but also gives off the impression that you’re a well-rounded individual. A guy getting into a relationship with you will understand from the onset that your life wouldn’t revolve around him, which is incredibly attractive.
  7. Don’t only rely on dating apps. Though a lot of love stories started through dating apps, it’s not the only avenue for finding a man with boyfriend potential. In most cases, these apps do more harm than good if you’re not vigilant. Instead, try leaving the house more. Don’t be a couch potato. Go out there and meet people. Attend events. Say yes to invites. At first it may be a bit uncomfortable and unusual, but with time, you’ll adjust.
  8. Let go of your unrealistic expectations. What if the reason you’re yet to find your soul’s perfect match is because of the unrealistic expectations you have of them? Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to have standards, but just make sure that they make sense, otherwise, rather than attract men, you repel them. Do away with those superficial reasons. As long as a man respects and treats you right and you’re attracted to him, you’re good to go.
  9. Your strong network can attract a man. Normally, when we see persons who have a deep relationship with their friends and family, it gives us the impression that they’re confident and can maintain relationships. That’s exactly how your crush would feel when he sees that you have a strong circle of friends and a supportive family. It’s clear that you’re lovable and personable, which is hot.
  10. Work on establishing your independence. No man wants a liability, whether financially or emotionally. To establish this independence, you should prioritize your career and learn to enjoy your company. That way, you wouldn’t need constant validation to function.

It’s one thing to attract a man with boyfriend potential, it’s also another to determine whether he’s your perfect fit. In which case, there’re certain questions you need to as to ascertain this.

Questions To Ask Once You Attract The Type Of Man You Want

  1. What’s your life’s biggest goal? His answer to this question will tell you a lot about what he’s passionate about and what he’s working towards in his life. It also reveals if his goals align with yours.
  2. Who’s your role model? Role models are the types of people that we aspire to be, so knowing who his are reveals a lot about him. Maybe he doesn’t have role models and instead wants to carve his own path in life, which is fair enough. Nothing will attract you to a man more than one who knows who he wants.
  3. What’s your social life like? This question tells whether he’s an introvert or an extrovert or a mix of both. Generally speaking, relationships are healthier when you’re dating someone who complements you. So, if you’re an introvert, you want to attract a man who balances that aspect of you and will always take you out to push you out of your comfort zone sometimes.
  4. What’s your love language? While two people with different love languages can certainly have a healthy relationship, that takes a lot of hard work and commitment. Knowing how he prefers to give and receive love will give you a greater understanding of how to interact with him should you end up in a long-term relationship.
  5. What does love mean to you? While this might seem like an intense question, the answer is important. It’s one thing to attract a quality man, but if your ideas of love don’t line up, chances are, it probably won’t work.