How To Be A Good Girlfriend And Maybe Even The Best He’s Ever Had

When you’re in a relationship, you probably focus a lot of your energy on how your boyfriend is treating you. That’s important, of course – you deserve to be respected and cared for by whoever you’re with. However, do you know how to be a good girlfriend? You might assume that being a good partner is a no-brainer, but in case you need some tips, here are just a few. Trust him implicitly.

Appreciate the little things. No one wants to be taken for granted or feel unappreciated. When your boyfriend does something sweet or thoughtful, recognize him for it and let him know how grateful you are. While you don’t need to praise him for doing the bare minimum, noticing the effort he makes to make your life easier/happier will make him really happy too (and more likely to continue doing it).

Be honest even when lying would be easier/less awkward. If you’re someone who tells little white lies because it’s easier than getting into a confrontation, don’t. While there’s no point in being needlessly confrontational, your boyfriend will respect you so much more and see you as a good girlfriend if you’re honest and upfront, especially when it’s difficult.

Give him space. Most guys don’t want to be with their girlfriends 24/7, and that’s fine. If he wants to waste hours on his PlayStation or hang out with the guys one night, don’t make a big deal out of it or make his life difficult because of it. Part of learning how to be a good girlfriend is learning how to give him space to breathe in the relationship.

Respect his life. Similar to the above, it’s vital that you respect that you’re not the only person in his life and your relationship is not the only thing he has to think about. Respect the fact that he’s a whole person all on his own and had a life before you came along that didn’t just disappear when you got together.

Don’t flirt with other guys. This goes without saying – it’s a crappy thing to do. Don’t think you’re clever by trying to make him jealous because you think it’s fun or because he pissed you off. This is immature and manipulative not to mention narcissistic. A good girlfriend makes sure her partner knows he’s secure in the relationship and doesn’t give him a reason to doubt her.

Accept him for who he is – don’t try to change him. Again, a good girlfriend doesn’t see her boyfriend as a project that she can mold into her own personal vision of success and desirability. If you’re with him, love him for who he is and don’t try to change it.

Don’t just tell him you care, show him. Words are cheap and talk is easy. The easiest way to be a good girlfriend is by doing little things every day to show him that you care about him. It doesn’t have to be anything major – even a hug or making his coffee in the morning since you know he struggles with getting up early for work can make a major difference. Listen to him, be there to support him, and be someone he can lean on. That means the world.

Encourage him to be his best. At the end of the day, while you should never try to change him, you should be his biggest supporter and cheerleader. If there are things he wants to achieve and changes he wants to make in his life, encourage him and cheer him on from the sidelines. That might just make you his best girlfriend ever.

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