How To Be More Romantic In Your Relationships When It Doesn’t Come Naturally

While many women live for romance, others not only don’t desire it, they find the concept hard to comprehend. However, one of the best parts of being in love and in a relationship is sharing those passionate, fairy-tale moments with your partner, and they’re well-worth experiencing. If all the lovey-dovey stuff doesn’t come naturally to you, here’s how to be more romantic and show your partner a sweeter side.

Leave little notes for your partner to find.

These don’t have to be multi-page declarations of love, but just a quick few words telling them that you love them, you’re thinking of them, that you miss them when they’re not around, or that you love being with them can go a long way. Chances are, your partner won’t be expecting it and will smile when they find your words scrawled down. Talk about romantic!

Show a little physical affection.

Maybe you only really touch as a prelude to sex, and it shouldn’t be that way. Part of being romantic is building up intimacy and closeness in a non-sexual context. This means holding hands, hugging or kissing, or even squeezing their leg when you’re at the dinner table. Create little moments between you to connect in this way and it definitely won’t go unnoticed.

Reminisce about the good times often.

You’ve probably made so many incredible memories with your partner, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t relive them often. Mention a time that they made you feel incredibly special or perhaps a super romantic moment you shared in the past. That will definitely reignite the mood in your current relationship.

Surprise them with a fun date.

Just because you’re a proper couple now and have been together for ages doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t still date. Everyone once in a while, organize a fun afternoon or evening out doing something you enjoy together. Bonus points if you’re trying an activity that’s new to both of you. You’ll create lasting memories and make your partner feel really special.

Make them their favorite meal.

You don’t have to be a Michelin-starred chef to make your partner an enjoyable meal. Look up a recipe for their favorite food or maybe ask their mom how they make a dish you know your partner has always loved of theirs. Your partner will adore you for the effort you’ve gone through.

Pay them a compliment.

Let them know something you really appreciate them – it could be physical or otherwise. Paying your partner a genuine compliment is incredibly romantic as it lets them know you still find them as attractive and amazing as when you first got together. Plus, it’s easy and costs nothing. What could be better?

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