How To Celebrate New Year’s Eve When You’re A Homebody

New Year’s Eve is a time for revelers to go out and get crazy while bidding goodbye to this year and saying hello to the next. Of course, Covid has complicated things a bit, but plenty of people are still celebrating. However, if you’re a homebody, New Year’s Eve is always less of an all-out party and more of a low-key wind-down. Here’s how to enjoy your evening even when you’re spending most of it on the couch.

Buy or order some of your favorite food. I don’t care if you’re going on a diet or creating a whole new you on January 1st — tonight, you get to live it up. Whether it’s pizza, your favorite Chinese place, burgers, whatever — live it up. This is a time for feasting and if you can’t eat and be jolly now, when can you? New Year’s Eve when you’re a homebody is all about the simple pleasures.

Have plenty of drinks of your choice at the ready. Maybe you’re crazy about cocktails or you love beer. Maybe you don’t drink at all but you’re a Diet Coke addict or really love fresh orange juice. Whatever you like to drink, stock your fridge up so you can stay hydrated while you chow down. All that sodium needs some liquid to dilute it, right?

Queue up some good movies. If you’ve had a long list of movies you’ve been meaning to watch on Netflix or [insert streaming service of your choice], what better time to watch them? Let’s be honest, TV coverage of New Year’s Eve doesn’t really cater to the homebody and it’s pretty boring, to boot. Watch something that will actually stimulate your brain or at least be entertaining.

Wear the comfiest PJs you can find. No need to wear uncomfortable heels or ridiculous dresses that you’ll only throw at the back of your closet never to wear again. Since you’re at home, you can get in your comfiest, coziest PJs or loungewear ever. Got stained sweatpants and a ratty old t-shirt that makes you feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury even though it’s basically garbage? Wear with pride!

Invite your best girls and guys over to hang. As a homebody, you probably gravitate towards other homebodies who would love to celebrate New Year’s Eve with you by staying in and doing as little as possible. If that’s the case, invite them over and they can join in the festivities with you. You can all begin 2022 together in the way you mean to move forward: chilling at home.

Message a few friends to wish them well. While your main circle is likely made up of people who prefer staying in like you, you also probably have a few friends who are out on the town tonight. Good for them! You can wish them a happy new year via text so they know you’re thinking about them even though you have no interest in partying all night.

Fall asleep before midnight if you want. This is the ultimate homebody privilege. You’re home, you’re in your PJs already, you’re full from so much good food and drink, and frankly, you’re tired at 10 p.m. No shame in your game! Get an early night – it’s a new year tomorrow!

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