How To Cope When Your Boyfriend Is Being Distant

If you’re feeling like your partner is pulling away from you or seems to be emotionally distant, try not to freak out too much. Unfortunately, emotional withdrawal is very common in some relationships. These signs may start showing early on and will build over time, or in others, it may happen overnight. When you do start to feel isolated, lost, or even confused, using these tips can help you through it.

Accept the differences.

Sometimes it isn’t emotional unavailability at all, and your partner just might be a bit more closed off than you. Just because they aren’t acting in the way that you want them to be doesn’t mean they don’t care. Maybe communication styles are different and that’s something that will have to be dealt with accordingly over time.

Don’t make too many demands.

Your partner is unlikely to change if you’re overbearing and demanding things they can’t provide. If you keep pressuring your partner to open up, odds are they won’t. Constantly forcing someone to tear down their walls down is unfair and might cause more issues down the road. Instead, you can take their privacy needs a bit less personally and give them the time and space to communicate in a way that makes them most comfortable.

Give them some space.

Sometimes pulling away a bit will give them the space they need. In some cases, your partner might be more inclined to share their thoughts and feelings with you if you just take a step back and let them think.

Focus on your own goals.

In many cases, increased pressure is put on relationships as the months go by. Take a deep breath. Your relationship doesn’t need to be your sole focus in life and your attention needs to be on other things as well. If you dedicate more time to yourself and focus on your own individual goals, then both you and your partner will start to feel more at ease. Don’t spend so much time trying to manage both you and your partner’s goals or try too hard to fix the relationship, it will only blow up in your face.

Make sure you’re acting out of comfort first.

Many individuals in relationships forget to console their partner and simply jump to conclusions or problem solve. It’s very important to comfort first, and problem-solve second because sometimes, stress-related issues are more common than emotional unavailability. Remember, many issues can be fixed with a simple hug or a gentle touch.

Ask your partner what you can do.

In some cases when an argument arises or your partner isn’t acting the way you want them to, you immediately jump to conclusions. An important way to support one another and avoid bigger problems in the future is to support them and ask how you can help. Sometimes your partner might not be emotionally distant at all, they are simply just needing some guidance. By taking a step back and asking how you can help, might be the best way to deal with things.

Don’t let things get out of control.

If the dialogue in a fight or conversation starts to get a bit out of control, then you need to shut things down as quickly as possible before it builds even more. In most heated conversations, the topic that is being discussed might not be ready to be talked about. If this is the case, then it might be time to take a break. By pulling the conversation back a bit, you might find that problems can be smoothed over in different ways.

Be sure to not let your emotions get the best of you.

Yes, it’s very tough to wonder about your partner without overthinking and over feeling. When you go from your partner loving you to cold and distant actions, it’s easy to worry. Of course, it’s easier said than done, but trying your best not to worry and not let the anxiety, negativity, and emotions run through your head is something that you need to master. By pushing that all aside you can address what’s truly going on.

Try not to criticize them.

By making your partner feel inadequate, things will only get worse. Don’t point out their flaws and mistakes because it might make your partner withdraw further. Approach all discussions and miscommunications calmly, without putting the other down. This will make for better communication and confidence in the future.

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