How To Figure Out If He’s Serious About You

The world of dating can be complicated and complex. So many people play mind games, aren’t clear about their intentions, and leave you feeling confused. You want to date someone who’s in it long-term, but how can you tell for sure? Here’s how to figure out if he’s serious about you.

He truly wants to get to know you on a deeper level. 

A man who’s truly serious about you will be genuinely curious about you. He’ll want to ask you questions about yourself to find out more about your life and he’ll listen with fascination to your answers. On the surface, this happens because a man deeply and truly interested in you loves learning about you. On a deeper level, he’s also trying to find out if you’re someone he can rely on and love in the long run.

He shares the things he loves with you. 

Most people want their partners to like what they like, at least to a certain degree. A man who’s serious about you will share his passions with you and tell you about his favorite things because he’s genuinely enthusiastic about them and wants you to be too. He values your opinion, in other words.

He initiates communication often. 

When a man is serious about someone, he’s often much less interested in playing dating games where he stops himself from texting first just to avoid “looking desperate.” He’ll call you when he misses you, text you first, or visit you without being prompted. If he won’t be available for some time, he’ll make sure to tell you. This goes both ways, though, so don’t be afraid to initiate communication sometimes, too!

You’re treated like a priority. 

A man who’s genuinely 100% into you and wants to go the distance will begin to treat you like a priority. What does that entail? It means he’ll always set aside time to spend with you, be there for you when you need him, and even help you with a few favors here and there. Of course, you shouldn’t take unfair advantage of this; do the same for him in return!

You’ve met his friends and family. 

If a man’s not serious about you, he’ll see no need to introduce you to his friends, much less his family. But if he sees you in his future, then he’ll want to make you a deeper part of his life by showing you off to the people he’s close to.

He always tries to resolve arguments. 

A man who’s not serious won’t bother putting in an effort to resolve an argument. He’ll wait for you to cool off and let it drop. Some men who aren’t serious might even put you down or insist that there’s no problem to fix, or blame you and make you fix the issue single-handedly. A man who’s serious will do quite the opposite. He wants to resolve arguments because he wants you both to learn and grow as a couple. He’ll seek to compromise, make his perspective clear, hear you out, and work with you to find solutions.

He listens to your opinions and takes them seriously. 

Respect is necessary for a strong relationship and a serious man will respect you and your opinions. He’ll admire your thoughts and feelings and seek to understand them. Even if he doesn’t necessarily agree with them all, he’ll take them into account at all times. He’ll ask for your opinion when making big decisions that could affect the relationship and he’ll also request your input regarding smaller matters because he always appreciates what you have to say.

He keeps his promises. 

A guy who’s in it for the long haul will be careful not to make promises he can’t keep, and he’ll only offer his word when he knows he can commit to it. Even promises that involve sacrifices on his part won’t be shied away from. In situations where something unavoidable causes plans to fall apart, he’ll make sure to explain the situation to you properly and make it up to you as soon as he can.

You’re in his future plans.

The biggest sign that a man is serious about you is if he discusses plans for the future with you. He’ll consider your own desires for your future in his plans, and whenever he talks about something he wants to do, he automatically assumes you’ll be there unless you say otherwise. He clearly sees you in his future, no matter what!

If you’re dating someone who exhibits these nine signs, it’s fair to say that he’s serious about you! Don’t forget that you can always directly ask him what his intentions are if you’re still unsure. On top of that, remember that a lack of these signs now doesn’t necessarily mean those signs won’t develop in the future!

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