How To Flirt With A Guy Without Being Creepy

Flirting with guys is a bit intimidating for some women. They’re supposed to be the ones courting us, right? Well yeah, if it was 50 years ago! Times have changed and so should your mindset. Flirting with a guy isn’t difficult if you know what you’re doing. I get you’re afraid of seeming desperate or facing rejection, but once you’re confident in your approach and take this advice, you’ll be just fine. Go and get your guy!

  1. Use his official name. Many guys have nicknames that most people use for them, but a way to get his attention is by calling him by his actual name. He probably only hears it from his family members, so this is a great way to set yourself apart from other women. It’ll also let him know that you’re not looking to be “one of the guys.” Make sure you use your cute voice when doing this. It’ll totally melt him. Don’t underestimate how much guys love hearing a woman say their name.
  2. Make eye contact. A lingering eye here and there is a good way to flirt with a guy. The eyes are the windows to the soul, as they say, so don’t be afraid to study his and let him do the same in return. It’s an intimate form of nonverbal communication that sometimes says more than our mouths can. Just make sure you aren’t doing this excessively, otherwise, it can come off as weird and chase him away.
  3. Laugh at his jokes. Guys love it when we laugh at their jokes. A lot of the time, they act goofy just to get your attention and your laughter will let him know that you like him. Don’t be afraid to crack a joke or two back to show him that you have a good sense of humor. He’ll likely engage you in more conversations and before you know it, you’ll be chatting up a storm.
  4. Touch him whenever possible. Physical touch is the love language of many men. Take advantage of this knowledge by touching him when you get the chance. Touching his leg or hanging on to his arm will not only get his attention, but it will also help him to feel closer to you. Combine this with some compliments or a lingering eye to make it more effective. If he withdraws or doesn’t seem to like it, then you should stop. It’s important to respect his boundaries just as you’d want him to respect yours.
  5. Like his pictures and leave comments. Don’t be too shy to play social media games with your guy. It’s more common than you think. Leave a like and comment here and there whenever he posts a picture on social media. Some hearty eyes and a smirk should be enough to let him know you like what you see. Expect him to slide in your DMs after you do this once or twice.
  6. Compliment him without sounding too desperate. Don’t be too shy to compliment the guy you like. It’ll boost his ego and let him know that you’ve been paying attention to him. After complimenting him, he’ll likely compliment you and he’ll realize how great you are. You can use his reaction to your compliment as a hint at how he feels about you.
  7. Do the classic hair flip. Surely you’ve seen the classic hair flip in movies to get a guy’s attention. This move is more effective than you might think. Flipping your hair at the right time will leave him mesmerized and chances are, he’ll be thinking of that moment when he leaves. Once you get stuck in his mind, you’ve all but got him!
  8. Invite him out. Don’t wait for a guy to ask you out. Men aren’t as quick as we’d like to think and he’s probably waiting for the right time to make his move. By the time he decides to do something, though, it might be too late. Use this opportunity to plan a date that involves getting to know each other or one that’s a lot of fun. This way, he’ll see how much of a catch you are.
  9. Ask for his help. Ask your guy for help so you can spend more time together. Guys love to feel needed, and you can play the role of the damsel in distress long enough for you to get to know each other. Ask him for help with carrying something or for clarification purposes, then move on to inviting him over for help with stuff around the house. This can lead to as much as you want it to.
  10. Tease him without crossing boundaries. A little teasing is a great way to get your guy’s attention. Just make sure it doesn’t come off as mean or else you’ll end up scaring him away. You might also tease him in a sensual way. Send him a suggestive message here and there to let him know that you’re interested in more than being friends.
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