How To Get A Guy To Want To Date You

Is there a guy who’s caught your eye? Do you want your crush to develop into something more? Your first step would be piquing his interest so he wants to ask you out and spend time with you. Here’s how to get a guy to want to date you.

Know how to initiate and hold interesting and intelligent conversations. 

Guys like to date those who are good conversationalists. If you can hone that skill, men will be impressed and will likely appreciate that about you. Learn to ask interesting questions, keep yourself up-to-date on current events, expand your knowledge in subjects you’re interested in, and don’t be afraid to voice your opinions!

Don’t play confusing dating games.

A lot of arbitrary “rules” about dating aren’t really good rules to follow – they’re just games designed to play tricks. Think, for example, of the rules about playing hard to get, texting back as slowly as possible, or playing your emotions close to your chest. These mind games can make dating a tiring experience. Don’t let yourself get caught up in these games. Sure, you can keep a little mystery about yourself, but be communicative to the guy you’re interested in. When he sees you don’t play these games, he’ll be more likely to want to date you.

Make, and hold eye contact.

Eye contact is a powerful thing. When you look into someone’s eyes, you forge a closer connection to them. Eye contact also shows the other person that you’re being honest and open, as long as you don’t overdo it. So if you want a guy to dream of your eyes, make sure you’re making eye contact with them regularly!

Show off your confidence and self-esteem. 

Guys love confident women – and those that don’t aren’t the kinds worth dating. Confidence speaks of a woman who is independent, unashamed of who she is, and happy to be herself. That’s an insanely attractive trait, regardless of gender! If you struggle with your self-esteem, work on yourself before going after romance.

Talk about the things you enjoy. 

A guy is more likely to be interested in you if he knows details about you. It basically allows him to think of you in more specific ways, instead of in general admiration. Plus, many guys find it attractive when a woman talks about her passions because of the positive energy and brightness she gives off. So don’t be afraid to talk about what you love and even include him in some activities related to your hobbies!

Talk about the things he enjoys.

Just like how men like listening to women talk about their passions, they also like to talk about their own. Ask questions about the guy in your life’s interests and listen when he speaks of them. Be supportive and listen and he’ll appreciate your efforts to make him feel heard and seen!

Don’t get ahead of yourself.

If you’re very, very interested in someone, it’s easy to move too quickly and get ahead of yourself. But acting too committed too soon is likely to scare a guy off or, at best, make him worry that you could become codependent on him. Instead of rushing, pace yourself. Be patient and trust in the process. Get to know this guy first and take things one step at a time. If it’s meant to be, opportunities will present themselves naturally when the time is right.

Make it obvious that you’re interested in dating him.

 If a guy is interested in you but worried about rejection or damaging the friendship you share, he may not make a move unless he knows there’s a good chance you like him, too. Make an effort to show your interest in him. Have deep conversations, ask questions about himself, and don’t be afraid to get a little flirty. While you shouldn’t get overly personal too quickly, there’s nothing wrong with showing him that there’s potential between you.

Lead a full, independent, fulfilling life.

Your life shouldn’t be “missing” a guy. It should be a full life all on its own, with space for you to bring a man into it if you so please. The idea of being a “strong independent woman who doesn’t need no man” is a bit of a meme these days, but it’s truly an attractive trait that will make a guy want to date you! When you have your own career, hobbies, social circle, and capabilities, you’re a self-sufficient person. A guy who is seeking someone to seriously date will consider that a huge bonus because it shows him that you’re an interesting and powerful person. When you get together, you won’t be unhealthily becoming two halves of a whole, but two full wholes that enjoy each other’s company.

If you want a guy to want to date you, be yourself and put your best foot forward. Show him your confidence, independence, passion, and intelligence. Be open to hearing about his life and his interests. It sounds simple, but sometimes, that’s all you need! Don’t forget that you can also make the first move on someone you’re interested in. It’s the 21st century, after all!

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