How To Get Him Back And Keep Him This Time: Ways To Get Your Ex Back For Good

Whether you’re in an on-again, off-again relationship with your ex and you’re sick of the merry-go-round or you did something to majorly screw things up and you’re desperate to make amends, it’s heartbreaking to be pining for someone you love who’s no longer in your life. The good news is that it may be possible to reunite, but it probably won’t be easy. Here’s how to get your ex back once and for all.

Keep the negativity to yourself.

The worst thing you can do after a breakup is badmouth your ex. Sure, they probably had plenty of annoying/infuriating qualities and they were likely no angel. However, venting to your friends about what a jerk they were or how you’re so much better off without them will do nothing to help you work out your issues and get back together. If you want your ex in your life again, resist the urge to overcompensate by talking s**t about the person you know you still love deep-down. After all, you want all your friends and family to still love them when you’re a couple again, right?

Don’t try to make them jealous with other guys/women.

One of the worst ways to try and get your ex back is by attempting to make them jealous by flirting with or dating other people in front of their face. You might think that this would ignite some deep-seated desire to be reunited with you, but it could have the complete opposite effect. Not only that, but if you know you want to get back together but you’re using other people in front of their face, that kinda makes you a crappy person.

Confront and work on your issues.

Chances are, you broke up for a very good reason. Maybe you didn’t do anything terrible but you know you could have been a better girlfriend and that you fell short in many ways. Before you try to get your ex back, make sure you admit those things to yourself and work on the behaviors that caused them. You don’t want a repeat of your last relationship if you get another chance at it, so correct course before you get there.

Open your heart to them.

Honesty is always the best policy, even after a breakup. That means if you want to get back together and try being a couple again, you need to tell them this. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and open your heart to your ex, telling them how you feel and why you think your relationship could work if they gave it another chance. It’s no guarantee that it will work, but you’ll never know if you could get your ex back if you don’t at least try.

Give them a reason to stay.

At the end of the day, there’s no point being in a relationship if it’s not a happy, healthy one. If you do decide to get back together, make sure you don’t fall into old patterns. Yes, they need to pull their weight too, but make sure you’re going the extra mile to let them know how special they are and how much you like them. Make sure they have a reason to stay, and they (hopefully) always will.

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