After some time goes by, most people start to forget why they broke up with their ex in the first place. Maybe it was a trivial argument that exploded into something much bigger or there were more serious problems that you both couldn’t solve at the time. Whatever the reason, it makes sense that you’d want to get back in touch even if you don’t want to get back together. If you don’t want to reach out first, here’s how to get your ex to text you.

Post your sexiest selfie.

Probably the easiest way to get a load of messages in your inbox is to post your best selfie. You can either use an old photo that the Internet hasn’t seen or use it as an excuse to get dolled up and have a photoshoot. Once he sees how good you look, he’ll remember what made him go for you in the first place.

Start texting his friend.

If you want to indirectly get on your ex’s radar, start flirting with one of his friends via text. It won’t be long before someone mentions you’ve been messaging one of his pals, which will prompt him to send you a text directly. Be careful, though, because it may not be the friendly text you were hoping to receive. Also, this is kinda gross if you don’t actually like his friend.

Make it crystal clear that you’re single.

If you want to make it blatantly obvious that you’re single and looking to mingle, drop all the hints in the book. Change your Facebook status or Instagram bio to single. Share a few angsty posts about how you’re playing the field and just want to find a good guy. If he knows you’re on the prowl, he may believe you two have a chance of working things out.

Pretend to butt dial his number.

Not-so-accidentally dial your ex’s number and then hang up when he answers or let the phone listen to the muffled sounds around you. He’ll likely text you asking what that was about, so you can use it as an opportunity to strike up a conversation. A little white lie never hurt anybody, right?

Apologize for what you did wrong.

If the two of you ended on bad terms, then you may need to extend an olive branch before you can expect him to slide into your DMs. If you know you did something wrong (or if he thinks you did), then own up to it. Say sorry and ask if you can move on. He’s not going to want to text you first if there’s water under the bridge.

Send a single emoji.

Sending one emoji with no context is a mysterious way to get back on your ex’s radar. Obviously, don’t send him something that could be misinterpreted, like a poop emoji. You also don’t have to send something overly flirty, like a kissy face. Send him a waving hand or a winky face and he’ll likely reply asking you what the single emoji was all about. From there, start up a conversation.

Arrange to hang out in a group.

If you want to naturally start communicating with your ex again over text, it may be easiest to break the ice in-person first. Have your friends help you arrange a group hang-out with his and your friends. The larger the group, the less obvious it will be that you’re trying to catch his attention. If all goes well, he’ll likely send you a text afterward telling you how great it was to see you again.

Create a new social media page.

Open a new Instagram page or revamp your Facebook, and then uses it as an opportunity to send him a friend or follow request. This will help your name get back on your radar, and coupled with all the sexy photos you’ll post to the new page, he’ll start forgetting why you two broke up in the first place.

Spread the word that you want him.

Use the grapevine to your advantage. Tell everyone in your social circle that you still have feelings for your ex, or just tell the person who you know can’t keep their mouth shut. Eventually, the word will get back to him, which will likely give him the incentive and confidence to message you directly asking if it’s true.

Text him first.

This is 2020, ladies. If you want something to get done, then the best way to do it is to do it yourself, even when it comes to texting your ex. If he’s not getting the hints you’re dropping, bite the bullet and send him a message. You can go with something bold and flirty or play it more subdued by asking a question. Simply just asking how he’s doing is bound to get a reply, unless he’s holding a grudge about your breakup.

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