How To Grab A Guy’s Interest Over Text

It’s so much easier to convey your interest in a guy and to grab his attention when you’re face-to-face. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t win him over via text. While it might be a little more difficult to show off just how incredible you are when you’re confined to messages on a screen, it’s certainly not impossible. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Make sure he’s single. Before investing your time into a guy, make sure he’s single so you’re not wasting time and/or speeding towards a potential heartbreak. If you don’t want to ask him directly, investigate on your own by either scoping out his social media or asking mutual friends about his relationship status. If he’s not single, the best thing you can do is walk away from the situation.
  2. Be flirty but not desperate. You need him to know that you like him but you (hopefully) don’t have to spell it out in quite so obvious ways. Sending an occasional flirty text should let him know that you’re interested. Based on how he responds to your flirting, you’ll have a pretty good idea of whether he feels the same way about you or not. Be careful not to sound too desperate by overdoing it. Don’t double text him or spam him with emojis. That will be a huge red flag and could make you seem clingy.
  3. Ask about his interests. Getting a guy to like you isn’t only about showing yourself in the best light. You should also show him that you have a genuine interest in who he is as a person. Ask about his likes and dislikes but not in a weird “21 questions” way. Instead, use events that may come up and different situations to figure it out so it seems more natural. For example, if there’s a concert coming to town, ask him if he’s heard about it and if he’s into that artist/band. You can also use this discussion to segue into the types of music he likes, his favorite performers, and perhaps even use it as an opportunity to ask him out!
  4. Ask for his advice and/or help. Guys like to feel needed, so you can feed into his ego a little bit by asking for help or advice. It can be simple things like asking him which color you should get your nails done or for help figuring out an assignment or project. You can even use it as a way to get him to come to your house by asking for help to assemble a piece of furniture or to move something. Remember, don’t overdo it. You’re not totally helpless, so don’t dumb yourself down or act like you lack self-sufficiency in an attempt to win him over.
  5. Send cute pictures to surprise him. If you’re feeling cute or sexy that day, surprise him with a picture of yourself. The best pictures are the ones meant only for him and not something you’d post on social media. A selfie before you leave your house will make him feel good and it will give him a look at what he could have if he makes you his girlfriend. Most guys are visual anyway and if you get to that stage with him, don’t be too shy to snap him a sexy pic!
  6. Keep things light and playful. No one wants to deal with someone who brings them stress and drama if they don’t have to. You’re not his girlfriend yet and he’s not going to put up with certain things if you aren’t together. Don’t argue with him over silly things like not texting you back because that can be a real turn-off. Don’t try to talk about heavy or emotional topics like politics or religion that can turn into a heated debate. Instead, keep it light-hearted and humorous. Guys love it when they can turn to someone to take their minds off the stresses of everyday life.
  7. Compliment him to show your interest. Stroke his ego a little bit with a compliment now and then. It will make him feel wanted and appreciated. It will also send a clear message that you’re interested if he missed all the signs in your flirty texts!
  8. Let him chase you sometimes. You should not be the only one doing the courting. If you feel that way, then perhaps this is a one-sided thing and he isn’t interested. Leave room for him to show interest, for example, make yourself busy and avoid texting him for a day or two to see if he checks up on you. Be a little vague in your answers sometimes to see if he follows up to learn more about you.
  9. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. You might feel like you need to act a certain way for a guy to like you, but it’s always better to just be yourself. Honesty is the best policy, and you shouldn’t falsely advertise. There are so many cases of people putting on a front and halfway through the relationship, they come to the realization that they don’t really know their partner. Don’t let this happen to you. If you want to attract him, he should like you for you.
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