How To Ignore A Guy To Get His Attention: Does Ignoring Him Really Make Him Like You More?

The idea that ignoring a guy is the best way to make him want you more is as old as time, but does it really work? Yes! While this advice isn’t actually telling you to completely blank him when he reaches out, it is saying you should be a little less available in order to make him realize what he’s missing out on. It sounds weird but it actually works. When you ignore a guy, it can actually make him like you more – who knew?

  1. Don’t answer his text right away. Sure, you’re around and you’re not doing anything and you’ve been waiting to hear from him for what feels like ages. However, he doesn’t need to know that. By ignoring his text for a while – think a few hours or so – you’ll show him that you have other things going on in your life than waiting by the phone for him to get in touch. He’ll likely be curious about what you’re up to and will be extra keen to talk to you when you do get back to him.
  2. Put your own needs first. It can be tempting to bend over backward for a guy you’re crazy about. You might want to rearrange your schedule for him, spend all your time with him, and do anything you can to make his life easier. This is a major mistake! Ignore his needs – beyond the basic of compassion, consideration, and kindness, of course – and make sure to put your own first. The guy will think it’s totally hot that you value yourself enough to put yourself first and this will definitely make him like you more.
  3. Keep your (emotional) distance. When you do hang out with him, hold back on dumping your life story on him too soon. While there’s nothing wrong (and in fact everything right) with sharing your thoughts and feelings with a new date so you can get to know each other, a little mystery goes a long way. Ignore his digging questions and offer only the tip of the iceberg. This will likely make him desperate to dig below the surface and see what’s hiding there. You don’t actually have to “ignore” the guy to make him like you – just take no notice of his digging and make him work a bit harder for it.
  4. Disengage on social media. Maybe when you first started following each other, you were always quick to watch his stories or double-tap his photos. Stop! There are certainly more interesting things on your feed (or even offline!) that you can focus your attention on than his social media feeds. By not giving him the ego boost of being on his accounts 24/7, he’ll be more likely to go out of his way to get your attention. You’ll certainly have his!
  5. Don’t chase – let him come to you. If he ignores you, offer him the same in return. Don’t double-text or suddenly get desperate because he seems to be disregarding you in favor of… well, whatever it is he’s doing. Instead, take it as a sign to keep doing your own thing and living your own life. You’d be surprised how much hotter that will make you in his eyes.
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