When you have a crush on someone, it’s natural to want to know if the feelings are reciprocal, but that can often be easier said than done. Unless you outright ask the other person where their head and heart are at, it can be difficult knowing with certainty if the feelings are mutual. However, if your crush exhibits any of the following signs (especially the final one!), then it’s pointing in your favor.


He Initiates Your Conversations. Conversations are about give and take. If you’re the only one initiating conversations or sending long replies, take it as a sign he’s just not that interested. But if he’s constantly messaging you first and replying with messages just as long as yours, then he’s equally interested in seeing where things go. Bonus – if he texts you first thing in the morning or last thing at night, then you can be sure you’re one of the top things on his mind.

He Always Responds To Your Messages.

In addition to the last point, a clear sign that a guy is crushing on you is if he always replies to your messages, especially in record timing. This shows that he’s interested in and wants to continue the conversation. It’s even better if he responds to messages that didn’t seem to need a response. However, if he constantly leaves you on read or takes his sweet time replying, you may not be as big a priority in his life as you’re hoping.

He Uses Flirty Emojis Over Text.

In today’s day and age, emojis say a lot about a person’s intentions. If he’s always accompanying his messages with flirtatious emojis, then you should be able to see the hints he’s dropping. He wants you to know that he’s interested in you and is hoping to take things to the next level. Beware, as this may not mean he’s looking for a relationship per se. Flirty emojis can also mean he’s interested in a hookup. Proceed with caution.

He Avoids Talking About Other Women.

On one hand, if he’s constantly bringing up his dating life, especially if he appears to be bragging, he may be trying to make you jealous. But then again, if he clearly goes out of his way to avoid talking about other women, he may be trying to convey that you’re the only woman on his mind. If a guy truly likes you and has good intentions, he’ll want you to know you’re the only one he has his eyes on.

He Inquires About Your Dating Life.

Just because he doesn’t talk about his dating life doesn’t mean he won’t inquire about yours! If he’s constantly asking whether you’re seeing someone or how your date last week went, he may be trying to gauge your relationship status. He wants to know if he still has a chance at winning your heart. Be careful with how you respond. You may want to make him jealous and let him know you’re a hot commodity, but you don’t want to discourage him if you actually like him.

He Makes Excuses For Physical Contact.

If he goes out of his way to make physical contact with you, whether it’s giving you a guy or a friendly shoulder massage, then take it as a good sign. He wants to and likes being close to you (and is probably hoping the feeling is mutual). Also, pay attention to his body language. If he’s constantly close to you and his body is directed your way, it’s because you have his attention. But if he appears closed off and distant, he may only see things as platonic between the two of you.

He Makes Eye Contact Or Stares. 

This is a sign that you’ve caught his eye – literally. While some people avoid eye contact when they’re nervous, others can’t help but hold it when they’re attracted to someone. Even more, if you find him staring at your without reason, he’s probably checking you out and questioning what he has to do to win your heart.

He’s Open About His Personal Life. 

Many men are closed off about their feelings. So, if he’s especially open without about his personal life and emotions, it’s a sign he’s developing feelings. Not only does he feel close and comforted by you, but he trusts you with his secrets. Assuming the feelings are mutual, don’t be afraid to let him into your life. Knowing you’re also opening up will encourage him to continue being open. Maybe he’ll confess his feelings after all!

He Makes Excuses To Be Alone With You. 

Spending one-on-one time with your crush is gold. So, if he constantly finds ways to be alone with you, whether it’s suggesting you hang out together or drawing you away from a larger group, it’s because he’s catching feelings. He wants to get to know you on a more personal level and wants to make sure you feel as though his sole attention is focused on you (because it is).

He Vocalizes His Feelings. 

The clearest sign that someone is crushing on you is if they admit it. He doesn’t need to say it in so many words. Maybe he tells you how special you are or how he’s never felt this way around anyone else. Make sure you let him know the feelings are mutual so you encourage him to continue opening up about his feelings towards you.

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