How To Know If You’re The Only Woman He’s Seeing

One of the worst feelings in the world is to become invested in a guy who’s busy chasing other girls. The thought may cross your mind to ask him every now and then if you’re exclusive, but if he’s a player, it’s inevitable that he’s going to lie to you. The only thing you can do is pay attention to the signs and hope he’s being as true to you as you are to him. Here’s how to know if you’re the only woman he’s talking to.

  1. He’s always available for you. Guys who’re dating multiple women at the same time have a hard time balancing their lives. They usually end up disappointing one woman to make another happy. If your guy makes himself available when you want to see him and you always know what he’s up to, then it’s likely you’re the only woman he’s talking to at the moment.
  2. He calls you by your name. A trick that guys use to make sure they don’t mix up names is by using terms of endearment like “babe” or “baby.” If he calls you by your name or comes up with a unique nickname based on your name, there’s a good chance that you’re the only woman in his life.
  3. His phone isn’t getting blown up. Women tend to text and call more than men, and when they aren’t getting a reply, some blow their phones up. If you notice the guy doesn’t get a lot of texts or calls while he’s with you, or you know exactly who he’s talking to, then you’re likely the only woman in his life. Note that if your guy is super busy or in a hectic line of work, you should take this with a grain of salt.
  4. He’s always with you. Guys make time for the women they love. When they’re in love, they want to spend every free moment with you. If he’s always hanging out with you on his days off and comes home every night, then you’re likely the only woman he has.
  5. You get tagged on social media. Men tend to stay away from tagging women on social media when they have a lot of them. This can create problems they don’t want to have to deal with. If he tags you in his posts, posts your picture, or mentions you, there’s a good chance you’re the only woman in his life.
  6. He introduces you to friends and family. Guys don’t like bringing women they aren’t serious about to the people they care about most. If you are friendly with his friends and family, you’re likely the only one he’s serious about at the moment.
  7. He’s openly affectionate. If you’re the other woman or one of his many women, he’ll try to hide you away and be secretive. He’ll likely not bring you out on public dates or show affection in public. However, if you’re the only woman in his life, he won’t mind hugging or kissing you in public, and he certainly won’t mind being seen out with you.
  8. You can come over unannounced. If you have a key to his apartment or can pop up on him unannounced and he receives it well, then it’s unlikely he’s in a relationship with another woman. Men who cheat will get angry when you show up unannounced and will try to make you feel wrong for trying to surprise them.
  9. He talks about a future with you. When men are serious about the women they’re with, they’ll start to make plans for the future because they see a promising future with them. It‘s instinctive for them. If he uses the word “we” when talking about the future or works you into his plan, then there’s a good chance he thinks of you as the one. However, if he’s seemingly afraid of commitment and says things like “when we get to that bridge we’ll cross it”, you might want to reconsider your investment in the relationship.
  10. You can use his phone. Men who have something to hide are very secretive with their phones. They’ll have them faced down or on silent so it doesn’t draw any attention to him. If he doesn’t even allow you to use his phone to search for something on the internet or to even make a phone call, that man is hiding something he doesn’t want you to know. However, if you know his password and he doesn’t seem bothered if you move it, then you have nothing to worry about.
  11. You feel secure in his presence. His actions will determine how secure you feel in the relationship. Ask yourself the important questions. Do you feel like he’s hiding something? If not, you probably have nothing to worry about. Invest your time in having fun together and don’t psych yourself out.
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