How To Make A Guy Jealous Of The Attention You Get From Other Guys

Using other guys to make your boyfriend or the guy you have a crush on jealous can easily backfire, but when done right, it can also make him a wee bit insecure and super crazy about you. The trick to pulling this off is subtlety so he doesn’t suspect what you’re up to. Using any of these tactics will make him sweat and want you even more.

  1. Laugh at other guys’ jokes. Men absolutely can’t stand to see another guy making the woman they’re interested in laugh. They want to be the only funny man in your life. They think that the moment you stand laughing at some guy’s jokes, it won’t be long until you start falling for him. If you keep talking about how funny some guy at work or he sees you laughing at another guy’s jokes, it’ll drive him crazy with jealousy.
  2. Flirt with other dudes in front of him. Flirting with another dude in your guy’s presence is one of the quickest ways to unleash the full force of his jealous emotions. The next time you’re out together, give your brightest smile to a stranger that passes by or touch the arm of one your guy friends when he talks to you. Flip your hair back in that seductive way. Let your eyes wander. He’ll probably try to win back your attention when he notices the spell you cast on other men. Just make sure you don’t take things too far.
  3. Put a lot of effort into your appearance. It’s okay to dress like a slob behind closed doors, but try to look absolutely gorgeous whenever you’re out in public with him. When you’re dressed to kill, you’re going to turn heads wherever you go and he’ll be jealous of all the attention you’re getting. He’ll be reminded of how attractive you are and be inspired to sit up and appreciate you better before another man snatches you up.
  4. Talk about other guys. The next time you and your guy are having a conversation, find a way to mention another guy. If you’re talking about a TV show, you can say something like “Oh my God, Mark does a great impression of this character and it’s hilarious.” He might not act outrightly bothered, but he’s certainly going start wondering about this Mark guy. If you keep slipping Mark into conversations naturally, his jealousy is going to get the better part of him and he’ll want to know what the deal is between you and this undercover girlfriend snatcher, Mark.
  5. Text other dudes. My boyfriend hates it when I text other guys when I’m with him. Even though he knows that they’re just friends, acquaintances, or co-workers, he still can’t stand it. It makes him so jealous. The moment my phone starts buzzing frequently or he sees me smiling while typing away on my phone, he immediately stops whatever he’s doing and tries to win back my attention. I think he feels like excessive texting can lead to sexting, which can lead to me leaving him for someone else. It keeps him on his toes.
  6. Be awesome, friendly, and fun. When you’re a fun, happy person who knows how to light up a room, you’re sure to attract attention, especially from men. Live your best life. When he notices the attention that you’re getting, he’s going to feel a tad possessive and jealous because he wants you all to himself. Let him see that you’re a good time. Let him know how lucky he is to have you.
  7. Have close male friends. The same way most women don’t like their boyfriends having too many female friends, especially ones that he’s really close to, men get like that too. It doesn’t matter that these guys are firmly in the friend zone and that you’re not even remotely attracted to them. He’s going to be jealous of your relationship with them. There’ll be this suspicion that they’re into you and bidding their time until they can make a move on you.
  8. Post pictures of you with other men. You know those guy friends of yours, take pictures with them whenever you’re out doing something fun or interesting and make sure to share them on social media where he can see. He’s not only going to be jealous of the attention you’re getting from these other guys, but he’s also going to jealous that you’re having an awesome time without him. You can take it a step further by posting a hot picture of yourself and let other men swoop in to shower you with compliments.
  9. Date other guys. If he hasn’t asked you out yet or he’s still keeping the relationship casual, let him compete for your attention. Go out with other men that you fancy. When he tries to make plans, tell him you already have something lined up. If he really likes you, the thought of being just an option will be too much for him to bear, and he’ll try to get you all to himself.
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