How To Make A Guy Love You Again After He Suddenly Stops

It’s heartbreaking when you’re in love with someone and they suddenly decide that they don’t feel the same way anymore. Whether you’ve been together for six months or six years, there are some ways you can try and fix your relationship before he tries to throw it away for good.

  1. Get to the bottom of why it’s happening. If you’ve only just found out that he doesn’t love you anymore, the first step you can take to getting the love back is to ask him why. As much as it’s going to hurt, it’s important to understand where things have gone wrong so you can get them back on track. Even if this means taking a long hard look in the mirror.
  2. Ask him to take a time-outHis first instinct might be to tell you that he wants to break up. Instead, ask him to take a timeout before it gets to that point. By having space away from each other, you will naturally start to miss each other. This might make him look at your relationship in a more positive light.
  3. Put a time limit on the time away from each other. The worst thing you can do during a timeout is just let it carry on indefinitely. There needs to be an end date in sight where you can come back together and discuss how you’ve found the time away from each other and where you go from there.
  4. Show him you can live your own life. If he’s agreed to a timeout, actually make the most of the timeout. Use it as an opportunity to show him that you can not only survive without him but you can also thrive. After all, if you’re constantly pushing someone, you’re more likely to push them away. By letting him have his breathing space and actually miss you, you’re more likely to attract him to you once again.
  5. Don’t bombard him with texts. Following on from the previous point, try to avoid bombarding him with texts and calls telling him how much you miss him. Instead, take the high road and have as little communication with him as possible. Given that guys love mysterious women or those who play “hard to get,” he’ll start to wonder where you are. In fact, you might arouse his curiosity so much that he simply has to get in touch with you.
  6. Be active on social media. As well as going radio silent in your communication to him, show him what he’s missing on social media. Go out, spend time with your friends, and post photos of you having fun. It will remind your other half why exactly he fell in love with you. He might just find that these feelings are returning.
  7. Make an effort with your appearance. Some relationships break down because the couple gets too comfortable with one another and “stuck in a rut.” You might not bother shaving as much as you used to or hardly ever dress up compared to when you’re were initially dating. Another way to show your partner what he’s missing is to look hot. Make more of an effort with your workout routine, wear dressy clothes, and don’t be afraid of putting on a bit of makeup or curling your hair. Then splash photos of yourself looking hot over social media. Trust me, it will be like a moth to a flame.
  8. Agree to make changes. After you guys have had a timeout and you’re ready and willing to meet up and talk, you have to have an open and honest conversation. Hopefully, the time you’ve had to reflect on your relationship will have helped you to realize where exactly you went wrong. Agree to compromise with your other half and give things another shot. If he’s leaning towards breaking up, let him know you’re willing to change to make the relationship work (within reason—don’t sabotage who you are as a person for the sake of someone else).
  9. Try and get the spark back. If your partner has agreed to give things another go, this is your opportunity to try and get the spark back. How? Well, by being kind, thoughtful, and romantic. It’s often the little things that count for a lot in a relationship. Make small everyday gestures, such as packing his lunch for him or giving him a massage when his back is hurting. However, at the end of the day, this has to be a two-way street. If you find that you’re giving the relationship 100% and he’s only giving 50%, you might be better off finding someone who will match your love and efforts.
Katie Davies is a British freelance writer who has built a career creating lifestyle content that caters to the modern woman. When she's not sipping tea, shopping, or exploring a new city, you'll probably find her blogging about her fashion and travel adventures at