How To Make A Guy Not Just Like You But Love You

­­Thankfully, astrology and spiritual attraction methods provide tons of ways to sway the relationship tides in your favor. By studying exactly how to cater to his zodiac, love language, and attachment style needs while also burning the right combinations of candles and reciting precise meditation chants, you can see the love results you’re looking for. But, wait– why should you have to do all this? Here are 8 reasons why you deserve a love that flows and isn’t forced.

  1. You’re worth it. Thinking you have to have to make a guy like you operates under the presumption that you may not naturally be likable. Please examine why you even feel this way in the first place. The first step to receiving healthy love is by loving yourself. Come to terms with being human and having flaws, but also having a lot to bring to the table without trying to mold yourself for another person.
  2. Detachment goes both ways. If you accept the law of detachment for yourself – that you and those around you are free to be as they are and come and go as they please- you have to allow this for others. Just like you have the right to decide a certain person or space is not for you, so does he. They say if something you let go comes back then you know it’s right for you, don’t they? Don’t force someone to stay with you if that’s not where their heart and mind are leading them.
  3. It should be his own idea. You can only put in this level of effort for so long. It may seem like you sold him an effort catfish if you burn out on trying so hard and just be you. If all the things you’re trying to do to convince him to stay aren’t how you normally move in life, then you’re just presenting a false self you either have to maintain or expose as a sham. If you act like your typical self from the start, then he will come to you because you normally appeal to him. He also won’t resent you for playing mind games with him to rope him into something.
  4. You could be missing out on a better connection. I mean, you could get someone to like or even love you, but is that the romantic love story for the ages you want to pass down? Focusing all your attention on what you have to force can distract you from an effortless connection. Don’t settle for what you made work out when you can wait for the puzzle piece that just fits.
  5. It may not last. If your connection is lacking a mutual foundation, your relationship may not be sturdy enough to withstand in the long-term. You may be able to hold it afloat for some time, but every relationship requires the other party to carry it once in a while. On the days you don’t have 80/20 or 50/50 to give, he may not be used to or up for picking up the load. You started things off under your lead, right? He may not ever adapt to having to do his share to keep it working for both of you.
  6. He also might throw it back in your face. Let’s say the sparks weren’t flying between you two, but you kicked it up a notch and reeled him in. Who’s to say the first disagreement you have he doesn’t bring this up? He could let you know he wasn’t really feeling things but the start but changed his mind after you changed things. That could be endlessly aggravating to have in the back of your mind and be brought to the forefront when things are going sour between you two.
  7. You don’t actually need a man. Imagine what you could accomplish for yourself if you channeled that same determination to your personal growth? There’s nothing wrong with being single and a relationship is not a life requirement. There’s no need to make anyone feel any type of way about you. Love yourself, invest in you, and keep being the boss lady glow getter that you are. If someone happens to come along during the process-great, if not- it’s okay.
  8. It may not be authentic. If you change for someone to get them to like you, then do they really like you? Or do they just like what you’re doing for them or how you’ve shifted into their ideal? They say there’s someone for everyone, so the person you are without having to influence a decision or feeling about you should attract the right one. Just have faith that there your person is out there and if you ever catch yourself wondering how to get someone else to be that person that should tell you right there that you probably need to walk away.
I’m Cara, not to be confused with Carrie, although you could say I’m a Millennial Bradshaw of sorts. Pop culture connoisseur. Lover of all things creative and passionate about health and personal well-being. Follow me on IG @cara_vale_writer