How To Make A Guy Realize He’s Losing You

You may have been feeling off in your relationship for some time, but if your partner isn’t getting the hint, then it may only be making things worse. It can be difficult to directly tell him when you’re losing interest in the relationship, but the following strategies will surely give your guy the hint that something isn’t right.

  1. Show little interest in sex. For many people, sex is an important part of the relationship, so it can be a tell-tale sign that something is wrong when the other partner is reluctant to do the deed. If you really want to communicate that you’re not feeling things, turn down his advances and try not to initiate anything yourself.
  2. Stop doing things for him. If you’ve been doing everything for your man, it may explain why you’re losing interest in the relationship. Give him a taste of what life is like without you and stop doing the normal things you otherwise do for him. Once he notices not everything is copacetic, he’ll put two and two together.
  3. Don’t initiate conversations. A clear way to show someone that something is off is if you give them the silent treatment. While that may be a bit immature (and difficult) to do with your significant other, especially if you live together, try not always being the one to start a conversation. Let him come to you if he wants to talk. Your genuine disinterest in communicating will signal to him that something is off.
  4. Talk about your guy friends. We’re not going to tell you to flirt with another guy, or even worse, step out on your man just to make him jealous. That could have disastrous consequences. But if you want to remind your man that you have other options, throw in the fact that you have close guy friends in his face. Simply mentioning something funny your guy friend recently sent you may be enough to get on your significant other’s radar.
  5. Dress to impress everyone but him. If he’s not putting in the effort for the relationship, then don’t put in the effort to get all done up. Most men tend to be very visual, so they like it when their woman puts in a bit of effort to look nice for him. But if you start dressing up to go out without him – and stop making an effort when he’s around – he’ll definitely wonder what’s up.
  6. Leave his messages on read. There’s no better way to show that he’s disinteresting you than by simply leaving his messages on read receipt. Don’t ignore absolutely everything – that just comes across as petty and immature. But if the text doesn’t require a response or he seems to be relying on you to keep the conversation moving, then just let it be until he takes the hint.
  7. Tell him you’re too busy to go on dates. Your man may think he’s the center of your world, but with a bit of reminding, he’ll remember that you have your own life, too. Keep yourself busy with plans with friends and family or devote yourself to work or your favorite pastimes. Whatever way you do it, make it clear that he’s not the only one in your lie and you can’t simply drop everything whenever he wants to hang out.
  8. Flaunt your life on social media. Even if your life doesn’t seem that exciting IRL, it doesn’t have to seem that way on social media! If you’re more active online, it’s bound to show up in your man’s newsfeed. He’ll be wondering how you’ve managed to have so much fun without him, which will let him know that he’s not currently your main focus right now. Hopefully, he’ll step up his game as a result.
  9. Leave him out of your plans. Another way to show your man that you have an exciting life without him is to simply leave him out of plans. He may have come to expect that he always has an open invitation – aka. he’s taking you for granted. But if you make it clear you’d rather hang out with your besties one-on-one, he’ll begin to wonder where things took a turn in your relationship.
  10. Tell him that you need space. Sometimes being direct is the best option. While the aforementioned strategies will let him know that something is going on, clearly telling him that you need space will make it obvious that you’re not satisfied with the relationship. This doesn’t mean you have to break-up. Giving each other space can be as simple as not seeing him or talking to each other for a couple of days. They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, so it could either bring you two together… or make you realize that space is truly what you want.
Alexandra is a freelance writer in Montreal, Quebec. She enjoys shopping as a sport, Buffy the Vampire Slayer re-runs, and being a plant mom.