How To Make Him Afraid Of Losing You, According To A Guy

I’m not an advocate of playing games or trying to manipulate your significant other, but if your boyfriend is taking you for granted, it never hurts to remind him that you could walk away. After all, unless you’re married, you’re free to leave at any time if you feel unwanted or unappreciated. If you want to remind a guy of your free will and make him afraid of losing you, here are some things you can try.

  1. Talk about a future without him. When you talk about any future events, make it seem like it’s not a given that he’s part of the plans. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean talking about your long-term life plans. It could be as simple as talking about a road trip or weekend plans without him being involved. All you have to do is say “I” instead of “we.” It’s a subtle change, but most guys should be smart enough to pick up on it. He’ll notice it, trust me.
  2. Cut back on texting. Most of you ladies are always texting and we love you for it. However, constant texting puts all of your cards on the table and shows your interest and commitment. If you cut back on your messaging and aren’t always the first to reach out, he’ll start to wonder why. It could force him to take more of a lead in the relationship. It could also make him think that you have more important things to do than talk to him.
  3. Flirt with other guys in front of him. I just want to preface this by saying that this is a little cruel even if it is effective. I can tell you with great certainty that there are few things guys hate more than watching their girlfriend flirt with other guys or show any interest in other guys. I mean, if he has any feelings for you, it’s going to hurt like a punch to the gut. I just want you to keep that in mind. Still, it can be a good way to get your point across. This will hurt a guy to his core but also let him know that you’re not fully committed to the relationship.
  4. Stop being needy. In general, you want to avoid being a needy girlfriend as much as possible. That being said, if he’s used to you being all over him and that suddenly stops, he’ll know something is up. Unless he’s completely checked out, he’ll notice that you’re not as reliant on him as before. He will then start thinking that perhaps you’ve check out of the relationship.
  5. Make new friends. A good boyfriend will typically become comfortable with your friends. But if you start making new ones, he might start to think that he’s losing you. Maybe one of your new friends is a guy or will introduce you to a new guy. More than anything, it’s a meaningful change in your life. That can get a guy thinking that you’re moving on to a different part of your life. That’s enough to make him think he could lose you.
  6. Take care of yourself. For what it’s worth, we should all be trying to stay in shape and take care of our bodies for our own well-being, but it can also be a way to make a guy afraid of losing you. I mean, most of us tend to let ourselves go a little when we get comfortable in a relationship. However, going to the gym regularly and taking care of yourself is the opposite of that. It could make a guy think that you’re preparing to be single again.
  7. Appear bored when he talks. Okay, so this is a little mean and a sign of a bad girlfriend. However, it will make him think twice about where he stands with you. If you seem uninterested when he tells a story or talks about his day, he’ll start to wonder if he’s good enough for you (or if you’re going off him). He may not assume that you’re going to leave him for someone else, but he will start to worry that something’s not quite right.
  8. Be confident. Ladies, you can never go wrong when you’re confident and comfortable with yourself. When a woman exudes confidence, a guy will always be at least a little afraid of losing her. Because of this, he’ll always feel like he has to prove himself worthy of her. That comes, at least in part, from a fear of losing her. If you act and feel confident, a guy will always think that you have other options – and hey, you probably do!
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.